Love N Stuff Part 2

The moment was feeling so right. He was in love with Toppy. Had been in love for some time, not realizing it. She loved him just as much.

“Drug runners,” Sam answered her. “They had someone packed with drugs cross the river. When a Ranger stopped the mule, snipers on the Mexican side began shooting. They killed the mule and the Ranger. Wounded Rainey King and the head ranch hand, Alex.”

Sam was happy just to be alive and be here with her. He was about to kiss Topusana again when his phone chimed, indicating a text. Pulling it, he read the message from Marley. He replied back to Marley, I’ll be there in twenty minutes. The moment would need to wait, be placed on hold. He breathed out a sigh of frustration.

“I’ve got to go,” he reported. “With Alex wounded, I pledge to be there as much as I could to help.” Sam rested his forehead against hers, not wanting to leave her so quick after confessing his love for Toppy. Their long hair began to blend together.

“Tomorrow,” Sam committed, “when the workday is done, can I pick you up and take you to the reservation? I almost forgot to tell you: Grandfather seems to have had a change of heart. He showed up at the hospital. This incident seems to have opened his eyes that our people and the Kings have a common enemy. He claimed a truce and appointed me as the liaison between our people and the Kings.”

“Yeh,” Embry grinned, leaning closer towards Kate, “you’re probably right, but I’m not the most compliant of men.” Of course, he meant he wasn’t compliant with the law that said he couldn’t go into Mexico to arrest someone. He did what he thought was right.

“From the moment I laid eyes upon you, Kate,” he confessed, “I said ‘now there’s a fiery, sexy lady. I’d give anything to be her lover.’”

Then he sighed. “But your right. Perhaps the timing isn’t right after what happened today. I’m sure you’re feeling the heavy weight of stress of what happened upon you.”

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