Hot and Sweet

The kiss was sweet. Sam wished he could stay longer, since they had both declared their love for the other. However, Sam had a duty to his friend back at the hospital.

He sighed, then said with sadness, “I must go, but I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow after work.”

He turned to head to his Jeep, then turned back to her one last time with a smile. “I love you, Toppy!”

Embry grinned. Who wouldn’t want to be a distraction to this sexy lady? The warmth of her breath stirred him. To hell with the bedroom, Jack thought.

Sweeping a hand upward, he gently swept the long fiery red hair from her face, then placed his hand along Kate’s jawline. His lips met hers feeling the hotness of a burning desire within them. The kiss evolved to a kiss of passion as his tongue met hers.

Embry lifted Kate to the edge of her desk. For the next two hours, they poured their passion and desire out for the other. Embry would have to admit he never had such a burning, raging lover, as Kate King. As they made love, the stress rolled away from his shoulders. During that moment of time, all that really mattered was her.

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