Waking up again

Anna hurried to answer his call. " your ok? Everything is ok?" She asked her heart squeezing in her chest. She had been so worried for him.


A few days later When Rainey woke again it was easier to open her eyes but she still her like he'll. Marley was next to the bed her head resting on he mattress next to Rainey leg. Alex was at the foot of the bed his headleaned back against the wall with a arm in a sling. Her tummy did a little flip at the sight of him and she tried to sit up waking Marley in the process. " oh hey hey! Your up!" She said her hands flitting over her in a effort to figure out what to do. In the end she placed them back on the bed. " hey.." Rainey croked " everything settle out? Where's mom and kate?" Marley smiled " the ranch...we take turns staying with you." She said brightly her smile made Rainey feel warm. And wasn't that just lik Marley? To bring the sunshine into a room. Her eyes moved to Alex. " you ok?" She asked softly

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