Visiting Time

When Amelia agreed with him, Mukwooru patted her hand, which was upon the arm of the chair, hoping to impart some strength to her. This incident was a wake-up call for the Chief. He had been battling the wrong people for the sake of his people.

When Marley and Sam entered the waiting room, Mukwooru arose, walked over to Sam, and put his arms about him. Embracing Sam a full minute, he stepped back with red-rimmed eyes.

“I am proud of you, Pahayoko,” Mukwooru announced. “I always have been. You have yet to serve your people, and you will.” He glanced back to Amelia. “Mrs. King, I give you the first representative of the Comanche nation to King Ranch. He will serve you and his people well.”

The Chief approached Amelia, holding his hand out and taking hers. “I look forward to working together with you.”

With that, he said his good-byes and left. There was much to do to help his people understand who the real enemy is.

Sam was astounded by what had happened. He squeezed Marley’s hand and grinned. When the Chief left, Sam shook his head, “That was a different man than the Chief I grew up knowing.”

Embry stood before Kate, trying to help her calm down. His hands on her shoulders, his face near hers, it took all he had within him not to kiss her like he wanted. This wasn’t the right time, nor the right place. Hell! When would that ever be?

“I’ll fight this!” he insisted. “I’ll give it everything I’ve got! They fired onto American soil! If I have to, I’ll bring in the Feds! Most likely, they are already becoming involved. I have a contact,” he remembered, “an Army Ranger buddy. He’s CIA. I’ll contact him!”

When the doctor came out of surgery, Embry, nodded to them. “Your place is there. I’ll go begin my fight. If you need me, call me.” He looked at his shattered work phone, grinned, then wrote his personal cell number and gave it to her.

Embry left Gonzalez to his family, who was now there. He explained the situation to him alone, and departed to begin his quest to keep the prisoner locked up.

When Marley went in, Sam stayed behind. This was her family, not his. He wondered what had happened in his grandfather’s heart to bring such a change within him.

He called Topusana from the waiting room, hoping he could talk with her. He had meant to go see her, but things had happened to change those plans.

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