Dying embers

Alex's heart nearly skipped a beat when Rainey had scooted close to him, then nearly leaped out of his chest when she rested her head on his shoulder. Alex was no stranger to receive an affection from the King sisters Kate what usually give the pat on the back or the occasional hug, then there was Marley that was neither hug and him or leaning on him constantly, but Rainey was different. Alex can only remember a few times she was effort affection towards anyone outside her sisters and mother before her overnight change as she got into teenhood.

Of course for Alex nothing good ever last forever so when Rainey jumped up out of her feet and ran away with a look of fear on her face it made Alex's heart drop to the pit of his stomach as he watched her leaved. He felt some immensive guilt as she left, you knew there was a reason he she was not affectionate anymore towards anyone outside family. He had heard the rumors, he had also made sure those people who were spreading then kept their mouth shut and those responsible had a sudden case of move out of town. It was the one and only time Ms King had ever bailed him out of jail and the reasons he rarely showed up into town unless it was to help get supplies. Which was something he was fine with the wide verse and whisperings of being called Amelia's hound got irritating all too soon.

Letting out a sigh He threw some dirt and water on these dying embers on fire before heading into his tent to get some sleep. As he laid there his guilt about Rainey led to nightmares about his parents and after waking up in a cold sweat, He decided he was tired of trying to sleep and decided just to get on working on the fence early to clear his mind.

As he began working on the fence eventually shrugged off his long sleeve shirt revealing a black tank top and it's two arms covered burn marks and scars from his parents starting near his hands and continuing past his shoulders and into his clothing. Working with his scars exposed like this with something he rarely did as he didn't like the looks or questions that people tended to ask he'd also made sure the sisters never saw him like this only Miss King had. Taking a moment to feel the cool morning air on his skin he continued to work in an attempt to clear his mind about last night.

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