chapter 3 pt 8

“So,” Sam probed with raised brows, “what was your first impression of the reservation. It is good I was there with you. You should never go upon it by yourself.”

Marley shrugged with a smile. "It was ok, and I had it handled you didn't need to save me." she teased. the waitress brought their drinks and straws, and she tore one end of the paper before blowing it so that the other end shot off the straw to hit Sam making her giggle. Marley looked down then "Shes in love with you know?" she said not looking up but tearing a napkin int little peace's and then pushing them into a pile on the table.


“Where is an out of the way place we can set up operations?”

Kate led him back towards the dining hall as she answered. "There is a small bunk house far out in one of the pastures we don't use. I'm sure that would do." now that they were out in the open and not in a private space she could think clearly. this man was here to catch criminals not take her to pound town. she refused to give into some schoolgirl crush. flings were for doctors, military spouses and college kids not grown women with a multimillion-dollar ranch to run.
as the entered the room it was clear the party was winding down people were grabbing their coats and saying their goodbyes. she turned to him with a bright smile. "i can call down and have one of the hands show u the place tonight or in the morning when ever suits you."


He forced her into the car, then got to the driver’s seat, placing the vehicle into gear.

she buckled up quickly. "If this is about the fight with the white girl, I'm sorry..." he didn't answer her, and she bit her lip and looked out the window. this could go a number of ways. none was good for her, she was sure. her fingers nervously turned the ring on her finger. it had a small Jewl on it that when pressed would make a little knife pop out, it was small, no bigger than an inch long maybe. it would kill a man, but it would hurt and maybe take an eye out. she wouldn't win a fight with it but they would know she was there and that's Really all a girl could do she guessed.
the gravel crunched as they pulled up to the chief's house. he was still sitting on his porch safe under the long patio roof. the other man got her out of the car and walked her to the porch by the arm. Anna spoke first. "Like i told him, if this is about the fight with the white girl, I'm sorry I don't know what came over me...other than that I haven't done anything" her stomach was in knots though she tried to hide it. no one wanted to have to talk to the chief much less be on his shit list.


As he continued to talk dude off and glance over to look at Rainey the side of her reminding him thought there was no place, he'd rather be than right here.

Rainey closed her eyes listening to his voice drawl into a soft deep hum. her fingers plaid with the grass next to her. she felt him lay next to her and scooted a little closer resting her head on his shoulder. this was the closest they had ever been. she could smell the campfire on his shirt. feel his shoulder move as he breathed and pointed to stars. this felt normal. not weird she thought slowly nodding off without realizing it. nothing like the last time she had been this close to a man.
her eyes snapped open, and her heart seemed to stop then jump into overdrive. she was on her feet faster than she could think "I have to go" she said cutting off whatever he had been saying. she didn't even say goodbye just turned on her heel and almost ran towards the house.


with little other choice left to him David called the guy from the bar. he would hire him just to keep him safe if the guy did that kind of thing. hell, maybe he could hunt down all the cartel guys and get them off his ass. he held the phone to his ear his heart pounding with every ring. he had to get out of this whole before his family found out and preferably in one peace.

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