A Future of Hope

The straw paper quickly flew at Sam, hitting him in the face. Sam laughed with Marley. This beautiful blond was a breath of fresh air. A cool breeze in a barren desert.

"Shes in love with you know?" she said not looking up but tearing a napkin into little pieces and then pushing them into a pile on the table.

Sam sighed, remembering the confrontation at the reservation. He nodded, affirming Marley’s observation.

“I do not know what to do,” Sam replied his face downward, thinking. “Topusana and I have been friends a long time. We have supported each other through a lot of conflict in our lives. I didn’t realize how much our relationship had evolved.”

Their chili dogs arrived, loaded with chili sauce and cheese. He gazed upon his platter at the two hot dogs. Good for the stomach and soul. Now, he had two girls in his life. One, he knew and the other he had just begun to know. Each affected him in different ways. Marley brightened his spirits, but Toppy…Toppy had been his rock of refuge.

Sam looked up at Marley with a solemn expression. “I’m confused,” he admitted. “I do not know what to do. I just know, I need Toppy in my life. It’s like someone taking a knife to my bowels,” (the bowel’s are recognized as the center of the emotions by the Comanche), “and twisting it!”


Kate led him back towards the dining hall as she answered. "There is a small bunk house far out in one of the pastures we don't use. I'm sure that would do."

Embry retrieved his hat at the door. Placing it upon his head, he turned back to Kate.

“Tomorrow morning would be fine,” he answered. “Miss King,” Embry continued, “It has been a pleasure. Thank you for your hospitality!”

He would have liked what almost happened to have happened. There was time for that. He’d be seeing her about the ranch. Tantalizing him with the fiery red hair, sparkling eyes, luscious curves, and desirable lips.

He was certain she felt the same way, recalling the look in her eyes. Remembering her warm breath hitting his lips, separated by just a few inches.

“I am look forward to working alongside you to keep your family and the people of Texas safe.”

Turning to leave, he knew he would need a cold one to simmer down the heat Kate was generating within him. He’d stop by the bar on the way back home.

[i]"Like i told him, if this is about the fight with the white girl, I'm sorry I don't know what came over me...other than that I haven't done anything" her stomach was in knots though she tried to hide it. no one wanted to have to talk to the chief much less be on his shit list.[/I]

Chief Mukwooru looked at his son. “You may take your leave now,” he insisted.

The big man looked in amazement at the Chief. He was looking forward to taking the beautiful maiden home. Maybe even have his way with her. The alcohol and her beauty were bringing thoughts to his mind. He knew it was best not to argue with the Chief, but one day he would be the Chief. No one would order him around then. The big man begrudgingly departed.

Mukwooru waited a few minutes to ensure his son had left. He didn’t want the man to hear his words.

He motioned for Topusana to sit across from him. When she did, the Chief looked at her with eyes of compassion.

“I know the younger generation thinks differently than I do,” the older man began with a calm tone. “I have accepted that I will never change Pahayoko’s mind about our people. I have observed something my daughter,” (as Chief, he viewed all his people as sons and daughters), “you have a strong bond with Pahayoko. A stronger bond than I have. I know you are seeking to further your education. I can ensure you a full education if you do one thing for your people.” The Chief paused for what he said to sink in. “The Ward ranch, bordering the King ranch to the north, is searching for a full time live-in nanny. I want you to consider taking the position and going to Pahayoko at times. Convince him to return, as he is the future of the tribe. I cannot see my son follow me as Chief. I have seen in you and Pahayoko hope for the recovery of our people. It will take a long time. Much longer than I can do as Chief.”

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