Communication in Many Forms

As Sam rode alongside Marley, he heard the familiar ding of his phone, notifying him he had received a text. Toppy was answering him. Still, Sam held off looking at his phone. He would respond back at lunch break.

“I didn’t think I’d have a chance to be lazy,” Sam snickered. “I’ll do whatever it takes, Sunshine!”

The work had been laborious. Wrangling cattle. Getting them into the chutes, so that Marley could apply the vax. Sam worked up a good sweat.

Breaking for lunch, Sam gazed at his phone with a smile. I didn't get the flowers I left the rez. Got a job working for a family on their ranch.

Sam was amazed at her message. She was against him leaving the reservation, yet she too had. Why the change? Maybe Sam had gotten through to her.

Quickly, Sam texted back, You changed your mind? Is your boss against visitors?

Sam took his hat off and began to eat the lunch that was brought to them. Looking over at Marley, Sam said, “A man can sure work up a hearty appetite around here! I appreciate the way you take care of you staff.”

Sam worked alongside Marley and a few others the rest of the day. He worked hard until Marley said it was time to quit.

“I think I’m ready for a quiet night,” Sam told her. “What do you got planned for me tomorrow?”

When Kate walked in, Embry sat up in his chair. He grinned, actually removing his aviators.

“Damn! Ain’t you a sight for sore eyes!” Jack exclaimed, liking what he saw. She looked damn good in her work clothes. Embry closed his eyes momentarily wondering how Kate would look with just the hat and boots on.

Embry stood up and welcomed Kate to the operations center. Behind him, was a map of the ranch, with three red X’s spread out along the southern border.

Embry pointed to each of them, all equidistant from the ops center. “The bunkhouse is an ideal position for our operation headquarters,” He stated, turning back to Kate. “I appreciate your generosity, Miss King. Ranger Gonzalez is stationed here, Ranger McMahon in the center location, and Ranger Rodriguez here.”

He proudly turned back, taking a sip of the black coffee. “We can case the entire border of your ranch that is closest to Mexico. It’s been pretty quiet so far.”

No sooner had Embry finished that statement, his radio crackled. “McMahon to Embry. I got a possible mule fording the river near my location. I’m about to approach him.”

Embry picked up his radio, answering, “Copy Mac!”

In the stillness of the next minute, Jack explained to Kate that a mule was a suspected smuggler carrying drugs across the border for a cartel. Embry had just finished the explanation when his radio cackled again, “Shots fi…” then went dead mid word.

“Shit!” Embry shouted. “Gotta go! Stay away from your south border until I tell you it’s clear!”

Holding his radio up, Embry commanded, “All points converge!”

Taking his radio with him, Jack ran out the door of the bunkhouse, jumped into his 2023 Dodge Ram 1500, and sped off toward McMahon’s location, spewing out dirt and dust along the way.

Chief Mukwooru stood high upon a cliff gazing out over the countryside. His horse was below the cliffs. All this the Chief saw and beyond once belonged to his his people. The proud Comanche. Holding out his hands before him, he began to pray to the Great Spirit above:

“May the land once called Comancheria be ours once more. May the Comanche ride it’s plains and climb it’s rocks. May we find our sacred burial places so that this nation will recognize our claim to the land. May we be a free nation once more.”

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