A Tedious Post That Was Tedious to Write

Senatorial Offices, Lobby, Coruscant

Having been raised at the Jedi Temple Coruscant, Ava had learned how to navigate the Federal District and many of the neighboring districts of Coruscant as well. Although taking any public transportation though Coruscant involved getting uncomfortably close to strangers, Ava had learned to overcome her fears of getting robbed or hurt in such conditions. The Jedi were known well enough in the parts of the city Ava typically visited that most lowlifes that plied those parts were aware that Jedi were poor marks. Nowadays, she was more likely to get harassed by an anti-war activist than a mugger.

Thankfully, today that didn’t happen, and she soon found herself strolling into the lobby of the Senate Offices. Hopefully a receptionist could point her toward Ambassador Velen Ytergann, and she could talk him into taking his security a little more seriously when going so deep into enemy territory…


Ava froze as a familiar voice called to her from the waiting area. Turning her head, she saw her older brother tucking a datapad into his satchel as he was making his way toward her.


"That's my name," Senator Elrik Valorum declared. Standing at almost six feet with an appropriate weight to match, thick average length black hair, impeccable attire, well trimmed facial hair, gray eyes, and a still youthful face, Elrik was pretty easy to look at (not that Ava had any such feelings for him). Although Ava didn't see it herself, she had been told that the family resemblance was obvious.

Ava grimaced. The Jedi Council wouldn't be pleased if they learned that this conversation was happening. Jedi weren't supposed to have familial attachments, especially if those attachments were to people who were extraordinarily influential… such as a senator. "Elrik… what are you doing here?"

"It's good to see you too, sister," Elrik replied sardonically.

"I didn't mean it like that," Ava blushed. "It's just… the Jedi… nevermind." She sighed. "It's, ah, good to see you too, but, um, what exactly are you doing here?"

"I work here, don't you know?" Elrik smiled.

"In the waiting room?"

"Alright, you got me," Elrik held up his hands, "I was informed that you would be coming by at some point, and I wanted to catch up with you, since, you know, it's been a while."

There was a part of her that very much wanted to spend time with her brother. Since Master Zaris' passing, Ava had found that Elrik was really the only remaining person in her life who cared about how she felt. The Jedi taught her to use meditation to process her feelings, but when Zaris had been around, Ava had found great value and comfort in being able to be vulnerable with her master about her feelings and her struggles. Even her clone staff officers had not been so understanding. Granted, Elrik certainly lacked the wisdom, grace, and serenity that Master Zaris had possessed, but he also had his own unique experiences, perceptions, and insights.

"You… might be able to help me," Ava conceded. Screw the Council's opinions, she could manage herself. "I am looking for a diplomat by the name of Velen Ytergann. Could you help find him?"

Elrik seemed surprised by the request. "Umm…"

"Please?" Ava pleaded. Perhaps it was childish, but Ava wanted to have at least some excuse for spending time with her brother that she could present to the Council if this incident came up, and enlisting her brother to guide her was the best she could come up with at the moment.

"Alright," Elrik pulled his datapad out of his satchel and began tapping away at it. “I assume you have an appointment?” he inquired as he continued to navigate menus on his device.

“I would think he is expecting me, as I am providing security for him… in the near future.” Ava had to stop herself from giving away too many details about her upcoming. The ‘loose lips sink ships’ propaganda was prevalent enough to remind everyone of the importance of wartime censorship.

“Good enough I suppose,” Elrik murmured. “Alright, how do you spell ‘Ytergann?”

“I have only heard it pronounced orally,” Ava confessed.

“Hmm, well, Velen’s easy to spell, and… is that a ‘y’ sound at the beginning of Ytergann?”

"I believe so."

"Mmmm… Human male, Office of the Chancellor, External Relations Advisor…" Elrik frowned. "Dang, this guy looks like he's a big cheese. How have I never heard of him?".

"Perhaps his titles are greater than his responsibilities," Ava mused.

"Maybe, although he is important enough to that he'll have you as a bodyguard. I've never gotten a Jedi bodyguard," Elrik complained.

"Well if you do something for the war effort, maybe you'll get one," Ava teased.

"I've done plenty for the war effort," Elrik pouted.

"And have you gone anywhere dangerous enough outside of Coruscant to warrant such protection?

"Coruscant can be plenty dangerous," Elrik countered.

"And you're visiting the dangerous areas?"

"Not, really, no."

Ava rolled her eyes. "Well there you have it."

Elrik sighed. "It would just be so great to have a Jedi bodyguard who could levitate me through the air like those repulsor lift chairs fat or disabled people use."

Elrik's comment reminded Ava of an unpleasant memory in which one of her instructors had spontaneously decided to lift her with the force to demonstrate something, spooking her so badly that she soiled herself. It had taken her a long time to get over that. "Getting moved by the force is actually not particularly pleasant," Ava grimaced. "I'd recommend sticking with the chairs if that is your idea of a good time."

"But the stigma!"

"Or you can walk like a normal healthy person," Ava proposed.

Elrik laughed. "Oh I suppose. If I have to. You really do have a way of killing a man's dreams, don't you Ava?"

"I guess I do," Ava remarked dryly. "Now, where can I find Mister Ytergann at?"

Glancing back at his datapad, Elrik replied, "His office is 24-38 C. Would you like me to show you the way?"

"Yes please," Ava smiled.

"Right this way please," Elrik replied, returning the smile. Waving to the receptionist, subsequently flashed a badge at the security door, which promptly slid open. The two Valorum siblings made there way through into the lengthy halls of the Senate Office building.

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