Masao and the Undercover team

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May 10, 1889, Evening.

Sung was amazed at the sure size of the ship. Sung did feel a bit nervous as they walked up and up the ramp to the ship. It looked to be a good ship in great shape it did have a few spots of repair going and He could tell of some of its past as Masao had mentioned. As they entered Sung commented, "Captain you know if people were made to fly we would have wings." They could hear the nerviness of Sung's voice. His face was lack of really any real emotion.

The ship was beautiful on the inside nice wood floors in the entrance hall the walls pant beams stretched out into the ceiling. Some nice wood benches someone could sit along the walls. like any good Manor this was sparsely decorated with things that looked like they were secured at their base so as not to move.

There was a man standing there Sung thought is the deck watch.

Vor had a mix of awe and distaste at the sight of the ship. It had to be a marvel of engineering, not even able to fathom what would keep it aloft.
His distaste was echoed in Sung’s comment, Metira had left the sky free of her children. His people were gifted the sea and the other races the land, but taking the skies felt like greed to Vor. His prayers would be many while onboard, though he kept this silent as they ventured the secure grander of their transport.

Masao saw their apprehensions, "I promise you once you are in the sky and have 10 different jobs to do you'll forget about being in the sky."

Masao walked backward as he led them around pointing out a few things and places he'd show them later, someone called out Masao's name. The man almost didn't get turned around before a human woman launched herself at him, Masao barely managed to catch her and not topple over, instead turning it into a single spin hug before giving the woman a peck on the lips and putting her down. The woman had to have been at minimum thirty centimeters shorter than Masao.

"You got out a day early," she said happily.

"We can talk about that later." Masao said, giving a small gesture to Sung and Vor."

"Kyu-Satori, Riddick this is Yui, Yui this is Kyu-Satori and that's Riddick." Masao pointed the two out so she knew which was which.

Yui gave a little bow "A pleasure to meet you." she said, then looked uncomfortable for a minute. "I'll let you get back to what you were doing." she told Masao before standing on her tiptoes and Masao leaned down to meet her, giving her one more kiss before she took off.

"Where were we..." Masao asked. "

He bowed to Yui as she ran off. Sung smiled, "Quite the ladies man I see," commented Sung. "Captain, I am not afraid of flying" started Sung remembering his days as a teen and Iekino a Master Sung knew back then. "I have been on an Airship before with..." Sung looked around making sure they were alone. "With My Lord and Lady. I am just apprehensive a bit. I know we probably won't out go out much if at all. But I can handle myself in a fight on an Airship." Informed Sung still thinking back to Iekino.

Hearing a different name for himself was always odd the first few times, but it made Vor a little giddy to be getting into the role. Being out and about, he felt he needed to be more bold than he usually was, more pronounced in his confidence.
Thoughts for later, as he bowed to Yui. He wasn’t so sure about voicing his thoughts as Sung did though.

“Would there be a good area for artistic pursuits, Captain? While I am averse to being in the air, I am sure the view would sell nicely.”

Masao ran a hand through his hair as he watched Yui disappear down the hall. "Just the one," Masao said.

Turning his attention to Vor. "Might be some downtime." He said. "I'm sure you could set up and paint in the top observation deck." Masao cocked a finger upward. "I'll take you there later." He said.

"I see, Lucky you have someone," said Sung referring to Yui. "Downtime? I can only hope. So what's next Captain." asked Sung.

"Got a few places we can go," he said rubbing his chin. "Engines, Kitchen, Upper decks, Helm. You two decide. We'll see it all but get your interest."

Vor chirped at the mention of the kitchen.

"I would enjoy seeing the kitchen, please. While I am painfully certain that I won't have time for any proper painting, I would ask if I could ply my services as a cook?"

Sung laughed, "Cook?, well then Just stick me somewhere useful captain" Commented Sung.

"I've already got a cook. But I'm sure he'd take the help." Masao said, flicking his hand to say 'Follow me'. He led the two to a set of metal stairs the went deeper into the ship. A short walk from the landing was black metal sliding door. Masao pulled up on the handle and with a hiss of steam from somewhere unseen the door slid left to open. In a juxtaposition to the rest of the ship's current state, it was bright. State of the art ovens, refrigerators, and a few appliances that couldn't be named without heavy inspection filled the space, the most eye-catching was a strange box with a pressure gauge, two nozzles, and under it sat a ceramic mug. All black shiny metal and polished copper. Richly stained wood cabinets with jet-black marble countertops. Copper pots, pans, and utensils hung on hooks. Whoever or wherever this ship was shanghaied from had invested quite a bit of capital.

"Now until Pierre gets back don't touch anything. I don't want to listen to him yell for thirty minutes." Masao said half joking.

"Being a chef myself I can see that. By how clean this place is. I can tell you have a good cook or are they a chef too?" Asked Sung as he looked around. He look over some of the cutlery knives it was top of the line for European standards. " Good choice of knives but mine are better," commented Sung with a sly smile.

Masao shrugged. "They came with the ship and match the appliances, but yes my cook was a chef at one point in his life. Cooked for some Lord whose name escapes me. Started with an R, I believe. He might tell you the story if you ask him." he added, "I do agree, however. I wish the knives were Japanese in make, nobody makes a cleaver like the Watanabe family."

"They do make good knives had a set once until I made my set wow 15 years ago I am getting old," said Sung looking at the pans. "Maybe I can help in the Armory?" I am a smith I could help in there." said Sung looking at a cast iron pan.

"That could probably be arranged," Masao said. "We'll probably go there last, its on the other side of the ship and no reason to be helter-skelter about the tour," he said. "Engine room and dive platform would be next," he said, squeezing past the two and back out to the hall, where he waited for them before closing the door with that same hiss and rattle closed. "Quick warning..." Masao said as he led the two. "Watch your step when we pass through. If you fall it won't kill you. But you could get hurt, some of the grates are popped off the decking for repairs and easy to just drop into one of the gaps." Masao made a little hand gesture for emphasis.

Paying mind to the warning, Vor looked at the kitchen with deep appreciation. He couldn't help a bit of it coming out in his compliment.

"I would very much like to meet this Pierre if this is where he gets to work. I have seen some dingy cookhouses, this is next to a shrine for the craft."

"That's the best two friends you can make Cook and Quartermaster on a ship or any unit," commented Sung with a smile. "well I guess next to the Captain," Sung added.

"In my line for work, the master gunner is pretty important," Masao commented, leading the two down another short flight of stairs, down a short corridor then up another set of double back stairs to a door like the last though metal and not wood. A dull thrum could be heard behind it that rose to a roar when Masao opened it to the engine room, but if either had ever seen an engine room this was nothing like that, only a vague wash of like characteristics would be found in this experimental place.

Sung was stunned by the sight. He might understand this is the engine but has no idea how it worked. this was way out of Sungs understanding of this type of stuff. Speaking over the noise in the room. "You know if you get Miss Ipsum in here she may never leave," said Sung half joking. "Master gunner is important, I could say in charge of guns for Daimyō Mōri Takachika. I personally will not use one. but I know how to and the maintenance involved with them." Sung commented looking at some gages on a panel.

"Rin wouldn't let you touch the cannons." Masao said, "She beat my ass for letting you then yours for doing it." he said, "She might not look it but she's tough as nail." he added. "And frankly and no offense to you, I'd let her. A second beating is out of the question for me no matter how much I like you." "As for Miss Ipsum, long as she follows Gimbal's rules, and also doesn't stick her fingers in any of the gears. Also...she can't sleep in here."

Sung let out a sigh "Captain I don't want to be in charge of anything here. This assignment is temporary." Sung started to explain. "As far as having someone beat me. They would have to stand in line with many others including My Lady." Then mumbles "If she wants her black sash awarded." Sung seems to drift for a moment. "I can even act as a door greeter if you wish or door guard I am flexible. Just remember I have been in position as an officer most of my life." Sung gave pause his eyes widening. "Public relations! Publicity officer! Then I answer to you and try to make you look good, and as part of the Tea.... group I can help in many ways even off the ship." explains Sung.

"What would I need Public Relations for?" Masao asked, but before Sung could answer Masao waved it off. "You'll do fine in the armory for now." he said, "Nobody's doing that job its a fend for yourself situation, and the crew will probably welcome someone who actually knows how to keep a blade sharp, had a fool use a whetstone, bone dry, cutlass ended up duller than a butter knife." Masao looked at Sung, "Got everything from whetstones to strops, and polishes, but if you look over the supplies and need anything let me know. I'll get someone on getting it."

"Yes Captain, said Sung with a nod." Then he shook his head after a moment "OK, I will help in the areas you asked of me." asked Sung. "I look forward to the jobs I hope I can make a difference in those areas, Captain," said Sung with a smile.

"We'll just keep you on cooking duty," Masao said. "It's not an all-day job. It'll help you be able to get away if needed," he added.

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