First Contact with The Children

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Huron continued to pay attention to the newcomers. One he recognized from the docks.

When Huron wasn't recruiting possible members, he was doing various jobs on the docks. Everything from moving crates, to painting, to some repairs and really anything else he was capable of. The docks where were he meant the now deceased Dock Master, Franck Dubois who introduced him to the still alive and member of the Children Dock Master, Frank Boswell. Boswell had gotten Huron into the cult. And now Huron was considered one their best recruiters. Still, he hadn't managed to recruit an Arundan, now that would be something.

Captain of the Horaizonkōru. Huron recalled now what he was told about the familiar looking man, but name - Right something? Wayne? Something like that. Wayneright, he was certain that was correct, maybe.

His focus went back to the two others, more so the Arundan. Huron wasn't being subtle about it, in a bar like this no one was paying attention
,so he didn’t need to be.

Sitting in the corner wasn't getting the dock worker, anywhere. He needed to test the waters, so to speak. See if the two knew about the Children.

Huron made his way to the bar and ordered an ale, he acted slightly inebriated. So, when he turned around and "tripped" spilling the full mug of ale on the floor near Sung. "Je suis vraiment désolé" (I'm very sorry). As soon as he had either Sung's or Vor’s attention, Huron pushed back his sleve to reveal a tattoo in black ink, of the design that seemed to be on almost everything the Children of The Sea touched. The round greek design, reminiscent of the sea. His was a little cruder than some but it was obvious what it was.

Vor had watched the man after Sung had pointed him out, wanting to wait and see if the man’s attraction was due to his race or a possible connection to the cult. As he stumbled around and spilled his ale, he was about to leave it at his race until the tattoo was revealed. He made his reaction slightly dramatic, though not enough to create a scene, his eyes widening at the ink as he drew a sharp breath.

Not sure if it was the right move, but not willing to let the mans signal go to waste, he moved to gather the spilled mug.

Returning it to the man, he made an effort of moving his back to Sung and Masao, already slipping into a role he considered clever as he spoke in Greek.

“Érchesai gia ména?”(You come for me?)

Better than a regular member, an Arundan that was a part of it. To Huron it was practically like looking at a God. With Vor's body blocking the sight of the other men, Huron lowered his head in a sort of bow.

"Naí. Theé mou. Pánta se anazitó, tin alítheia." (Yes. My Lord. I always seek you, the truth.) Huron responded in a reverent tone. "Tha me synantíseis éxo? Se déka leptá? Aftó den eínai kaló méros gia na milísete?" (Will you meet me outside? In ten minutes? This is not a good place to talk?).

Like all members, Huron had to learn Greek to move up in the organization. He had worked a great deal to do so, but was now, fairly fluent.

Vor resisted the urge to look back, instead locking on to the cultists eyes with an excited smile.

“Se anazítisa polý kairó. Déka leptá. Tóte tha vroúme epitélous tis alítheies mas.”(I have sought you for a long time. Ten minutes. Then we will finally find our truth.)

At this confirmation he moved aside, ending their talk while playing it off as helping a drunkard find his bearings. With a firm pat on the shoulder Vor handed the mug over to his mystery lead, then went to rejoin the others. He would wait for the man to be a good distance before discussing this revelation.

Huron confirmed with a nod. He got back to his feet, took his mug and thanked the Arundan, in French, to not give anything away.

Huron then stumbled his way towards the door. Once outside, he ran into a young man, maybe about 16. He knew the teen was a member, an orphan used now as a messager.

"Huron, I bring news." The boy spoke in French.

"What news?" Huron asked, also in French.

The young man proceeded to tell about the cult members that had been in the chase earlier and the outcome.

"May out brothers rest now. They gave themselves for the cause." Huron responded. "You need to go, I'm meeting some one out here."

The messenger took off.

Huron found a bench and sat down, and watched the people on the street.

Sung thought that was too easy. He saw the Tatoo as well but did not react to it. The whole spilling of the ale was a waste, thought Sung. He was not sure about the conversation but it looked promising. Not knowing French or Greek did not help.

Sung decided not to let Vor out by himself more like his shadow making Vor look like a leader to Sung. Sung hoped this worked and Sung could be a tag along the way showing interest in the cult. "Vor, what did he say?" asked Sung.

“He wants to meet outside in ten minutes. Definitely the cult, so not sure if it is a trap. All the same, I was thinking of trying to have you along as a servant or disciple?”

Vor shifted in his seat, straightening himself as he pressed each finger to their respective thumb. It was a tradition of his to relax into a role, especially needed here.

“I wish to clarify now, I will be playing this as true as I can. I apologize for anything I say that will upset you. It would also be best if you acted reverent towards me, calling me Lord and such to sell the bit.”

Sung gave a smile "Just remember if you hit me I might hit back" said Sung with a sarcastic grin. "It will be no problem no matter what you do. Now if it is a trap try to make it back inside the bar we will get support that way," suggests Sung.

Nodding in agreement, Vor couldn’t help his own quip.

“Don’t worry about being hit, I am a merciful Lord.”

Chuckling, he finished settling his mind as he spoke to Masao.

“Would you be joining us, Captain?”

Masao shrugged. "I don't know. Feels like my presence might complicate things since I don't plan to treat you like a god made flesh. No offence, but I'm a known man, me bowing would seem strange."

Sung thought about Masao's reply. Masao could be right. if they were in Britain Sung would feel the same way. Sung looked around the room again almost counting who he thought was the crew. "Captain, It is your decision. I understand your point," said Sung to Masao. Turning to Vor "Let us go see what information he wants to give us. I will let you go out first. If something is wrong please step to the left if you would Vor." asked Sung with a grin saying he had something planned.

Sung turned back to Masao "Have a good bottle of Sake waiting would you Captain?" requested Sung humbly with a small bow. "Vor, you can have some Sake wine. There see you get wine tonight anyways" Sung commented with a thoughtful smile.

Nodding his acknowledgment of the offer, Vor took a shot of his Akvavit.

“Depending on how this goes, I may need any wine I can get.”

Giving a nod to Masao, Vor led the way towards the exit, praying furiously that Metira would grant them luck.

Sung watched as Vor walked out through the door. Sung sensed no trouble and could feel the man on the bench sensed he had seen him before in the corner. following Vor there were no other presents near the man on the bench or in front of the building. Sung thought that there was little chance of an ambush.

Sung stopped just outside the door and looked over the area. Only one person was walking towards the building but it being night Sung could not tell who just probably a human man. but still too far to worry about.

In the time Huron had been outside he had been approached by a woman, human also a member of the Children of the Sea, they had talked for a few minutes, before she left. Their were women in the Children but the men outnumbered them, women tended to be harder to recruit. Huron thought it was because the higher ups and a lot of the recruiters tended to be men. Most women were brought in by their husbands or raised in the cult. The woman that he had just spoken to was training to become a recruiter, so perhaps that would help.

She had left though, so when Huron spotted the Arundan stepping outside, he was alone. He quickly spotted that the Asian man, had followed the Arundan outside. Servant - follower - both? Huron would have to find up.

The man stood up and made his way to Vor, casually as to not draw suspicion. "Kýrie, eímai tapeinoménos apó tin parousía sou kai evgnómon pou bóreses na me synantíseis éxo. Ostóso, prépei na rotíso gia ton ánthropo pou sas eíche akolouthísei edó." (Lord, I am humbled by your presence and grateful you could join me outside. However I must ask about the man who has followed you here.)

Sung stood back and let them talk looking relaxed but watchful of the area. Sung could only guess what they were saying. Sung only knew the guy was humble almost servant-like in his actions and tone. Song clasped his hand behind his back and stood in a footman position as If he were falling the Duke.

“Me ypireteí, to dexí mou kathodigitikó chéri sto taxídi mou.”(He serves me, my guiding right hand in my journey)

Vor didn’t look back, portraying confidence in his surroundings as he spoke.

“O chrónos mou apópse eínai lígos, ti douleiá écheis gia ména?”(My time is short, what business have you for me?)

The answer seemed to satisfy Huron, who stopped paying attention to Sung. "Tha íthela na apefthýno mia prósklisi ston naó edó sto Parísi. Ypárchoun simantiká méli ton Paidión pou tha íthelan na sas gnorísoun. Boreíte na érthete ávrio?" (I would like to extend an invitation to the temple here in Paris. There are important members of The Children that would want to meet you. Can you come tomorrow?)

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