First Impressions with the Children pt.2

Vor now held himself high as he walked through the building. People they passed would either stop in awe or stoop low, but he kept his eyes off of them.
Peering about their surroundings, both he and his persona had a level of discomfort and disgust. While he hadn’t expected a grand palace, the few spots of mold he DID see made him question the soundness of the structure.

Arriving in the office, he kept quiet in case of ears in the walls.

The hallway is incredibly well lit with steam-powered gold looking lanterns on either side of the hall. Throughout, there is that familiar gold leaf pattern. Close enough one could see cracks in the walls, large enough for a crossbow to fit but there is nothing there presently.

Inside the office a man greets you in a very thick Greek accent. "Welcome, Ritikios. It is my great pleasure to welcome you. I am Sokratis Staniadis, I am the Dimósios Archigós (public leader) within the Paris temple." In the books Vor studied regarding the cult, public leaders greeted people, dealt with all business matters, ran a cover business, and were in charge but worked directly under the Omilitís tis Alítheias (Speaker of Truth) the actual head of the temple, who was more of a religious leader. Speaker was usually hidden except for religious purpose.

"Please sit" Staniadis motioned to a chair in front of his desk. He barely acknowledged Sung.

Sung did not sit but stood back and to the left of Vor with his hands overlayed by one other. Sung chose not to speak he would take the part of standing and keeping the focus on Vor. Sung made notes of anything that could be used as a weapon. Looking out the window to get an idea of where the office was. Sung found it interesting that it did not face the street but the building next door there were curtains but not drawn right now. There was a door in the room to one side that Sung could only guess led to another hallway or room. The room had nice items and decorations. The silver letter opener showed Staniadis had access to money.

Sensing the man outside the door and other people were not too far away Sung knew it would be on easy task getting out if they had to run.

Staniadis went and sat behind his dark mahogany desk engraved with scrollwork. On the front of the desk was a small statue, half-woman/half-octopus. Thoughout the room was the same round symbol and a border of waves.

"May I get you a drink?" Staniadis asked Vor, "Coffee, tea, perhaps something stronger? I do have some wine Assyrtiko and Malagousia. I also have Ouzo and Rakomelo." Staniadis voice sounded proud, the acquisition of Greek spirits, especially the wines, outside of Greece was not easy.


Vor remained standing, both from nervousness and wanting to portray pride and strength. This wasn’t an interview, it was a meeting between lessers and one of their gods he told himself. He kept his eyes on Staniadis, keeping his voice level and firm.

“If you invited me here for pleasantries, than I feel I have wasted my time. I was led to believe you had artifacts of power here, relics to restore my people’s power?”

"Of course, but first may I see it? Your symbol. As you are probably aware I cannot take you into the temple until I am shown that." It was standard protocol in all temples of the Children. Why they all had the symbol on them.

An irritated smirk crossed Vor’s face as he brought out the pocket watch. Flipping it open so the man could see, the symbol flashed, he then placed it back and he cocked his head as if tired of being questioned.

“My time is quite valuable, as you can see. Satisfied?”

The moment Staniadis saw the symbol on the inside of the pocket watch, his demeanor changed. He went from a slightly smug attitude, as if he wasn't sure Vor was what he was claiming to be, to standing then bowing before the Arundan. "Yes, of course, please forgive me. It you just follow me, I will take you to the temple."

He led Vor and Sung out a side door from his office. The door led to an open area, and another building. Attached to that building was a door, it looked to be placed in the ground. However when opened a set of stairs leading down were revealed. Staniadis grabbed two lanterns near the front and then a bag containing Lux Lapis, and a closed container of water. Staniadis set about putting the Lux Lapis in the lanterns and activating the stone with the water, until the familiar green glow appeared. He then held one of the lanterns out for either Vor, or if Vor wanted Sung to hold it, Sung to take.

Vor waved for Sung to take the lantern. The sudden change of Staniadis was a bit jarring, but if it meant progress than so be it. The lanterns were an interesting device, reminding him of the glow some fish gave off, though he realized this was could be taken quite literally here. The shape was that of spiral sea shell, with the light peering through holes shaped like fish all around its surface. These nutcases really took the underwater theme seriously.

Sung took the lantern without a word and still followed Vor as they went. Sung could still sense people in the area. There was no threat that Sung could see or feel his way or for Vor. But he still did not like how this was playing out right now they were trapped for the most part. Even Sung questioned if he could get out of this [place unscathed.

Sung did not think this was a trap but more like a vault of sorts to keep whatever children of the sea had collected. It was well made and reinforced walls now. Sung could feel a ward or two as they walked. but did nothing about them acted acted as if nothing was even there.

Staniadis lead the other two down a long set of stairs, at the bottom was a long hallway that went towards the left. He led them down that hallway, there were a few side doors but Staniadis didn't bother with any of them. On the wall was a wave like pattern. The door at the end of the hallway was wooden and had the same circular pattern that was prevalent throughout the Children carved into the door.

Staniadis took out a few keys and unlocked three different locks, then spoke to Vor. "My Lord, I do regret to give you this information. We had someone likely break into the temple a few days ago. There was nothing taken but a lantern was left on the floor. We had an emergency and when the guards came back the lantern was hung up. The one that was supposed to be guarding the temple said he saw no one. He is being disciplined severely for his actions. We increase security to the temple after that, so, if you will let me go in first I can disarm the alarms."

Vor held their guides eyes for a moment, a simmering indignity that he put in check. He was also very curious about this, since it meant there was still a chance the Visage was still here, if it had been left intact. He focused on this hope to also avoid thinking how they punished their own.
He waved a hand to let Staniadis go, waiting for the man to vanish behind the door before stealing a glance towards Sung to show his unease at their current situation.

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