First Impressions with the Children pt.4

Vor was lost in this trove, so many pieces of his people's history that he had either not known of or had only heard stories of. To see the To Meta especially nearly broke him and some primal part of him was ready to risk the chance of grabbing it to run. Instead he looked about the stolen relics with great interest, keeping a prayer to Metira to himself as he noted each item. He spoke quietly in Greek, not needing to act his reverence.

"Pieces of our soul, yet to be released. I promise you will be free."

While not able to escape with it, Vor still reached out to hold the Tor Meta in order to confirm such a sacred artifact was indeed in his grasp.

"My Lord, of course one with such greatness as yourself would know of the To Meta." Staniadis sounded like he was quite unaware that all Arundan, old enough to study the history of their race knew about the unique statue. "It holds such great power. We pray for the match to lead the truth to us." Arundans also knew, the match, likely referred to the supposed other To Meta that was of a male figure, but it was more a legend as no one recalled ever seeing it. As for the power the statues held, that was something apparently created by the Children. Vor would have no way of knowing what that referring to, because there was nothing in his culture about it.

Staniadis would let Vor look through or touch anything he wanted, however that would be stopped short if Vor tried to leave with anything. Staniadis clearly didn't have the ability to allow it.

Staniadis watched the Arundan take they artifacts. "Does the temples collection please you, my Lord?"

Sung was amused by Vor's reaction to all of this. Vor looked to be having an intellectual orgasm with all the stuff in the room. Sung could see that Staniadis was watching Vor's every move. The thought of killing Staniadis right here and now crossed Sung's mind. Just take the stuff in the room. But that would not find the doctor either.

Sung started to get worried that Sung and Vor would be exposed by a slip-up. He really did not want to stay too much longer. Too many questions lead to, too many answers. That is what a Shinobi told him one time. He did miss having them under his command 5 right now would be a help.

Sung started at Vor with a look like it was time to go or move on. When Staniadis was not looking. But Sung also had to let Vor do his job too.

The question snapped Vor back to reality, composing himself once more to address Staniadis.

“It does indeed. To see such vessels for my people’s rightful ascension… it has reminded me that suffering amongst the unenlightened is worth it in the end.”

He noticed Sung moving and feared they were found out or being ambushed, but the look given was that of impatience. They had indeed been here for some time.

“This is enough to gain my attention, though I have other matters to attend to. I will be in contact through your recruiter who met me last night.”

He moved to exit, hoping it would be enough to let them leave.

"Indeed, Lord. The Eldren will be brought down so the people can find their true leaders in the Arundan." Staniadis had a disgusted tone when talking of the Eldren.

When Vor mentioned, needing to go, Staniadis nodded. "Of course, my Lord. If you can spare the time and deem us worthy please feel free to come to the weekly meeting tomorrow evening. Starting at 5:00 in the evening. The Omilitís tis Alítheias would like to meet you." It was a invitation not an assumption.

Sung could see they were coming out and stepped to one side and gave a small bow as Vor came out. and started to follow Vor and Staniadis. Still took mental notes like how many steps from the secret room door to the entrance of the worship room anything that was important.

Staniadis walked behind Vor, he walked back to the altar and closed the hidden door by pulling thr statue to the right. Then he followed Vor, out of the temple. Once all three men were back in the hallway, he set the alarms and closed the door and locked all three locks, then tested it. It was securely locked.

The lanterns were still glowing from the stones. He led them back upstairs and outside. Waiting were two guards, Staniadis handed his lantern to one of the guards. Then mentioned to Sung to do the same and the guard would take of them.

Both guards bowed to Vor, before going back to their duties.

With that taken care of, Staniadis led Vor and Sung back into his office. He opened a cabinet full of a variety of bottles and presented an unopened one "Assyrtiko, to take with you." Staniadis explained. Upon closer inspection, to one that knew Greek wines, would reveal that the vintage was particular rare and likely the most expensive wine in the man's collection.

The feeling of awe from the artifact room had settled, mixing with the twisting anxiety of Staniadis's 'punishment'. Even now, he couldn't look at the man directly, who seemed to have a sense of pride in red mark on his face. Such a vile practice.
When presented with the wine, Vor gave an approving look at the wine. Several in his family had a particular thirst for "Homeland Spirits" as they called them, so he could tell good quality when he saw it. He motioned for Sung to handle the bottle.

"Your offering does much to smooth over your prior mistake. You will know by tonight if I shall join your congregation."

Marking the end of their visit, Staniadis led them out. Before he exited, Vor heard him speak in Greek.

"Stous alithinoús igétes.",To the true leaders, "Enjoy your evening, Lord Ritikiós."

He pretended not acknowledge the sentiment, wanting away from the place as quickly as possible.

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