A Walk Around The Property - Part 2

Jp with Lorem and Cindy

"I will take you the first time to the temple and, hopefully, get you in to speak with Magistri Flouquet. He is like our Priest, in a sense, and runs the temple. He is a very nice man and loves discussions about magic." Elizabeth thought for another moment, about what she had debates about. "I question whether our magic came from Phaxdur and Metrix. Some odd things relate to the Eldren. All present day Eldren are descendants of Merlin and either Guinevere or Morgana, all three were Eldren but there is nothing about where those three came from. It's like they just appeared one day. Which is difficult not to question. Of course, there is the larger question of why, when Eldren of the past could have several children, we can only have one. And why if we cross racial lines, the children do not inherit Eldren qualities. Some say it is because our detites really wanted to keep magic just for the Eldren but when ended up in the hands of other races, the Eldren somehow got punished for it, that makes no sense to me. The Eldren do not control who has magic and who does not." Elizabeth then said, "I should explain magic is more than just an ability to the Eldern. Its part of our identity as a race. It's part of what makes Eldren special and different than other races. Some Eldren are scared of anything that might tamper with that. Others, especially younger Eldren, like myself tend to feel questions lead to greater understanding of our race." Elizabeth had never had a conversation, like this, with anyone. At least not to this degree.

“I see.” Lorem paused. “My parents always told me that if something is true than no amount of questioning will make it untrue. The quality questions will just uncover the truth. In the Invento we are encouraged to question everything all the time. Find the absolute standards of measurement. The answers to everything already exist, we just have to learn to ask the right questions.” Lorem said hoping that may be encouraging.

Elizabeth nodded. "I suppose time will tell. Did you have anymore questions?"

They had reached the back of the property, workers could be seen in this area. "The workers are putting in a shooting range so team members can practice. There is also going to be an archery range on the other side and there is a large open field on the other side of that before coming to the property line." Elizabeth explained. "Do we want to walk over there to take more measurements?"

Lorem almost giggled with excitement at the news of the additions. “Yes please” she responded in regards to the measurements.

“What is your favorite type of magic and why? What is your least favorite?”

The two kept walking but now lengthwise, and across the back. "Beyond those trees and bushes," Elizabeth pointed to the back property line, "is another opened field but it is not part of this property. It belongs to a different house. It has no fencing around it. I think it might be best to replace the security bushes with additional fencing along the back."

"My favorite types of magic? I really like both realms that I have but Spirit is much harder to control. I can control myself but I can not control what the spirits do." After a moment. "I wish I had mind, mind and body together is quite powerful. Mind has telekinesis, the ability to move objects with the mind, Dumont has that. Body can infuse magic into things by touching it. With mind and body the mage can infuse magic into items without touching them. The mage that uprooted the tree that hit our cab yesterday, had to be a mind and body mage. Because that was more powerful than a small tree should have been. And Historical is the other one I would like. They can read languages they have never been taught. It would be very beneficial to have those abilities." The next part of the question took far more thought. "Least favorite, is much more difficult. I believe they all have benefits and downsides. I guess the one that I would not want the most, personally, is technology. Mostly because it is so new and there is so much still unknown about it."

Lorem wondered, “Is it genetic? For example, your mom and dad have combinations of what you can do?”

"No one knows if it is passed down like that. It would make sense for the Eldren. My mother has spirit and historical. My father has body and mind. However, in the rest of the races those who have magic and who do not appears to be far more random." Elizabeth looked out over the workers in the field. "Then, of course, there are the Dwarves who are the only race immune to magic. So, if magic is passed down, is their immunity to magic as well?"

They had reached the area where the archery field would be. "I want to have targets for archery here, in a variety of distances, so some will be closer to the property line than others. I will try to make sure they do not interfere with whatever system you manage to come up with." Elizabeth explained, before they continued on.

Lorem found this information very interesting.

As she scanned the area for archery, she added her two cents. “We could create the archery range on tracks so every target can be adjusted manually to the desired distance if you want. There can be even tracks that simulate moving targets in different directions. That should be relatively very easy to design and get functioning.”

The archery targets on tracks wasn't something Elizabeth had thought of before. "I like that idea, it would be far more beneficial to have then able to move."

They continued walking several more feet across the back. "This field will remain opened." Then they begin walking the distance back towards the house, a stone fence, like the one on the other side ran along this side. "Of course, I will be replacing this fencing as well."

Elizabeth did not know how long it had been since the last time she had walked the entire back area of her property, she had forgotten how much of it there was. As they got further towards the front, the greenhouses, Dr. Jackal's Lab and the two cottages for servants with family started to come into view. A small female child's voice could be heard. "Lady Elizabeth, Lady Elizabeth. " a young girl, human, about six came running towards Elizabeth. Her blonde tight curls bouncing as she ran and then the young girl stopped short upon seeing Lorem. Her eyes opened wide and she got a huge smile on her face, "Bonjour."

Elizabeth smiled at the young girl, "Miss Ipsum, I would like you to meet Miss Maria Aceline. She is one of Clement's sisters. Miss Maria, Miss Ipsum..."

"The ....oh ... I cannot think of the word.... makes fancy machines." Maria was clearly trying to remember. "Ingénieure. English word? S'il te plaît." (Please)

"Engineer," Elizabeth responded.

"Engineer," Maria repeated slowly. "It is a .... nice to meet you, Miss Ipsum, the en..gi..neer."

Lorem looked up and beyond her journal notes at the sound of another approaching. The gnome, standing at only 42” tall, it was like seeing eye to eye with young human child. Lorem closed her notebook and curtseyed a formal greeting.

“It is very nice to meet you too Miss Maria. I hope you are enjoying the grounds and facilities here with your family?” Lorem spoke in French; however, it was in a distinct and clear German accent.

"Oh, yes very much." Maria saw Lorem curtsey. "I forgot," Maria managed a rather shaky curtsey herself at Lorem and one to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth herself also switched to French and let the young girls etiquette errors go. Maria was certainly trying. "Maria, you seemed as if you needed something. What can I help you with?"

"May I use the library?" Maria asked. "On my own. Clement is working and Eloise and mother were talking about - I do not know boys or something. Blech. I do not care for that conversation." Maria was quite admit about having no interest in discussing the opposite sex.

Elizabeth bit her lip to keep from laughing. "Well, yes you can use the library. I was just going to ask Miss Ipsum if she wanted me to show her some books I had mentioned to her."

Maria's smile got wide and she clapped her hands together excitedly. "I remember the rules. No food or drink. Handle the books with care."

"Yes," Elizabeth confirmed the rules, at least for the children. Then turned towards Lorem. "Miss Ipsum, would you care to come with us to the library?" They had walked most of the grounds and Elizabeth trusted Lorem to do any additional measurements she might need on her own.

“I would be delighted; however, Moo needs to finish around the entire grounds so I can be sure the measurements are accurate. I propose that I complete what’s left and will quickly join the two of you in the library?” She didn’t want the stepreckoner to get off by stopping it and starting it later.

"Of course," Elizabeth replied. "Come along, Maria, let us leave Miss Ipsum to finish her measurements."

As Elizabeth and Maria left, the young girl could be heard chatting a mile a minute.

Lorem picked up her pace and went to finish sketching, measuring and thinking about the security project. It looked like she was out for a pleasure stroll walking her pet clockwork tortoise.

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