Morning Meal Interrupted

Elizabeth, perhaps shouldn't have been surprised by the fact there was someone to see her, but she had thought this might occur later in the day.

Harold escorted the Eldren and said, "She is in the first sitting room."

"Thank you, Harold." As he opened the door to the room.

Sitting there was Lady Viola Sapping, an Eldren around 35 years old. Elizabeth hadn't known Viola was in town, but did know the woman's French home was basically next door to her own. She and her husband were likely in town for the Exposition and the Guild gala.

"Lady Viola, what is it that brings you to home so early? I hope there is no trouble." Though Elizabeth knew the response before the other Eldren even spoke.

"Trouble. Why there is trouble and it is coming from your estate, Lady Elizabeth. I have heard of strange - well - other races living here. An Orc of all things. - A Gnome? And then there was a ruckus early this morning." Viola seemed rather upset.

"The Orc is my head of security. The Gnome is in charge of the more technical side of things. I cannot think of two more capable for those jobs." Elizabeth narrowed her eyes. "Can you?"

"Well…I ….still… it is just unseemly. Those …those others. The humans are one thing but them." Viola's voice was dripping with bigotry. "And yes, one of the Arundan, living here as well. What is he in charge of? The fish in your pond?"

Elizabeth breathed through her teeth, she was so angry she could taste it. "I will have you know that the Arundan is quite artistic and intelligent. I would like you to have half the abilities any of them have, and without magic. They are ALL my friends. They are not going anywhere and if you do not like it, you can take your petty ideas of- No one is as good as the Eldren - and leave." Elizabeth realized that she had raised her voice quite a bit. She quieted her volume back down. "Now, what about a ruckus?"

"I…um…" Viola was speechless for a moment. "Early this morning. Something explosive then a large light. It was quite disturbing."

"We were having some problems with the steam powered lights. That is what you must have seen. It is being fixed today, by the Gnome - Miss Ipsum. Maybe you should thank her, as that will not happen again." Elizabeth stated, knowing full well what would happen next.

"No, I think that will be sufficient." Viola stated.

"Very well. Do you need a copy of the tenants of the Acuitus to remind you?" Elizabeth gave Viola a verbal slap in the face by that question. Every Eldren not only had the Tenants, they were memorized as a child. They included things like giving charity, treating others well, not being biased against other races, and doing good in the world. Elizabeth didn’t just know these, she strived to live by and embrace them. However, certainly not every Eldren did. Still to call out anyone, who was an adult, on such matters was rarely ever done. Elizabeth had never said those words to anyone until now.

"Well, I never…" Viola stood up abruptly. "Good Day, Lady Elizabeth."

"Harold, will you please show Lady Viola out." Elizabeth calmly stated.

Harold did just that and returned a few moments later. "Lady Elizabeth, may I speak frankly?"

"Of course, Harold. What is it?" Though she knew what it was.

"While I applaud you standing up for Miss Ipsum, Cronk and Mr. Aster. Do you not think that will cause more problems?" Harold asked.

"From Viola? She is always complaining about something. Does not treat her staff well, from what I have heard. No one takes her seriously." Elizabeth replied. "I will get back to the others now. If she comes back, say I am in a meeting."

"Of course, Lady Elizabeth." Harold said.

Elizabeth made her way back to breakfast.

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