Morning Meal After A Long Night

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May 12, 1889
7:30 AM

Elizabeth had read Sung's report while trying to devise a plan for the backup team. That was proven difficult when she realized she didn't know exactly who would be back up. Cronk and herself were likely, Sasha was iffy. As it was none of them were 100 percent, all dealing with injuries over the past few days.

They all had been healed magically but magical healing didn't stop the inevitable soreness that came after an injury, it more healed the injury itself.

Elizabeth had an advantage to Cronk and Sasha as she could focus on healing while meditating, which she had focused mostly on her ribs, which had been injured during the monster attack on the pier. Her head injury had been mostly taken care of by the Countess but, in reality, Elizabeth still should be resting, she just didn't really have the time.

Once done with the report, the Eldren had gone back to her room and spent the rest of the time before having to get ready for the day in a deep meditation.

Then it was to her morning routine, cleaning up, setting her ward, getting dressed. It was about 7:30 AM when Elizabeth came downstairs for breakfast.

An uncharacteristic yawn accompanied her entrance into the dining room. She sipped some rather dark tea, in an attempt to wake up a little more, as she awaited the others.

Cronk awoke after sleeping soundly the past evening. It was definitely aided by the effects of the bottle of bourbon that was given to him by Camille.

Cronk enjoyed a nice shower and shave. He used baking soda to clean his teeth and tusks. Then Cronk made himself busy by dressing. The suspenders did a magnificent job of keeping the pants up.

Cronk took a deep breath. So socially, Pretty Flower was off limits. Cronk wasn’t aware of certain racial limitations within the team. Thankfully, the Lady Elizabeth informed Cronk of such. Still, there was nothing hindering Pretty Flower to be his friend. Cronk pushed the mechanical flower to watch it sprout, bringing the orc a smile.

Cronk answered when a knock came to the door. Camille modestly stuck her head inside to avoid the surprise of a naked Cronk standing before her. Not that she was insulted. The huge Orc was a wonder.

“I’m just bringing you your daily stock,” Camille announced, holding up a bottle and three cigars.

Cronk smiled. “Cam good to Cronk.”

Camille smiled, placing the items on the table in Cronk’s quarters. “Would you care for anything else, Cronk?”

Cronk was happy Camille didn’t call him Monsieur Cronk. He shook his head. “Cronk good!”

When Camille exited, Cronk headed to the dining hall. It had been a while since he had seen all the other members of the team. He was aware some were away, but was looking forward to seeing those present.

Lorem could have slept in after a late night and interrupted sleep; however, she had devised mechanical parameters in her daily routines which kept such inefficient starts to a new day from occurring. Promptly before the sun rose, an steampunk alarm system signaled it was time to start a brand new day. Years of daily conditioning made it easy to awaken and get started. From outside the workshops a series of hisses, clinks, clanks and whirring sounds could be heard waking up as well. The modular designed room, inside the workshop, sprung to life just like its creator.

Lorem, once she was prepared for the day, went straight to work. She used Moo, the tortoise designed stepreckoner device, and was able to calculate the measurements of the perimeter. In conjunction with her sketchbook she was able to map the distances with the different sections and articulate the topography. By the time she made sense of this data into an organized table and map, it was roughly breakfast time.

Lorem was hungry from fasting through the night and expending a great deal of mental energy right from the start.

The petite blonde gnome nimbly enter upon being escorted, and announced by the staff on hand. She was dressed in her work clothes and her hair was done up in a double braid. The tips of her fingers were already marked with the signs of having been working this morning.

Despite last night's shenanigans, she looked refreshed and full of life. “Good morning Lady Elizabeth.” She had a levity in her tone and a playful bounce in her step as she made her way over and curtseyed.

Elizabeth noticed the lack of sleep apparently had little affect on the gnome. "Good morning, Miss Ipsum. I take it you have been working already this morning." She smiled at Lorem. "I hope you were able to get some sleep, after last night."

Sasha walked in shortly after Lorem, looking a bit haggard but limping less but still out of her armor. She took a seat easing down into her chair. "Bonjour." Sasha said. "Comment va tout le monde ce matin?" she said, slipping into only using French, sleep still in her voice.

Cronk came into the dining room, the usual bemused look upon his face. What would he get into today? He was well rested and ready to pursue the evil doctor. He was hoping to be more of use to the team today.

Upon entering, he bowed to Lady Elizabeth. “Good morn, Lady Boss!”

It was an usual day as Dr. Jackal woke up in taters of his pajamas. He also noticed his sheets and comforter was ripped as well. He rubbed his eyes to double check and muttered, "Not again. The maids will be cross with me again." Then he slowly got up and made his way to the bathroom to wash up. Then he groomed himself and got dressed in a clean new suit before he left his room. He saw some maids moving about and he apologized as he had to explain the mess in his room. He blushed when he got an earful from her and then apologized as he headed to the room serving breakfast.

Lily had a rough night since she experienced a rude awakening in the wee hours of the morning. She staggered out of bed and made her way to the bathroom to wash up and groom herself. Once dressed and presentable she left her room and caught Dr. Jackal not too far away after a polite greeting they made their way to the breakfast room. They greeted everyone before taking a seat at the table. By the looks of things it was obvious that some didn’t sleep well last night. Dr. Jackal asked, “Are we taking it easy today? Many of you all look exhausted.” Lily sighed and shrugged as was unable to hide from the good doctor.

Lorem nodded, “I slept like a widget caught in a moment of inertia.” She giggled inwardly at her silly joke. “I hope rest found you as well.”

Lorem plunked herself down in her chair using the stepping stool that had been placed their beforehand. Her smile was like a ray of sunshine and she lightly kicked her feet that dangled over the edge. She was onto something with an idea for the security system and it excites her. In addition, it made her look like she was halfway lost in thought.

When the others entered she acknowledged them with a polite bowing of her head. She felt unsure of what would happen with Cronk, but was trusting Lady Elizabeth fixed that.

To the good Doctor she replied, “Not I, too much to do today.” She said it in a joyful tone as if that was a splendiferous thing.

Cronk acknowledged the others at the table. He sat upon the chair oversized chair designed for an orc-sized person.

Cronk looked to Pretty Flower and smiled. “Cronk hope day good! Cronk sorry.”

Elizabeth greeted the team as they entered and as tea and coffee was served.

At Dr. Jackal's question, Elizabeth looked around the table and responded. "We had a late night visitor. Mr. Sung decided to test the security and the team at - I believe it was around 2:30 in the morning. He got into the back but, thanks to Miss Ipsum lighting up the sky so we could see, we caught him. However, it kept most of us awake for some time afterwards."

She sipped her tea, as the servants started serving breakfast.

Dr. Jackal nodded as he could see the dark circles under the eyes of some team members. Lily was one of them so gave her a small grin and then said, “I apologize. I seemed to have slept through all that. However before you hear it from your servants, I seemed to have ripped my bedding last night.” Dr. Jackal sipped his coffee as he waited for a response.

Lorem returned Cronk’s greeting with a smile of her own. She had a stunningly sweet and inviting smile, one that could melt a frozen heart. She was blessed genetically in that way.

She had already forgiven Cronk and held nothing against him. “My day is going quite well. It has been a productive morning and I think I am on to the solution to our security issue. I hope your morning is going well too?”

“Cronk good,” he replied back to Lorem, cherishing the smile.

Cronk looked to the rest of the team. “Cronk sorry. Slept sound.”

Cronk was troubled not knowing the social cues. Lorem’s smile was so alluring to him. It was a change from the airs of the women he had known before leaving Ireland with Quinn. Somehow, he had always considered their smiles painted onto their faces. They weren’t real. Pretty Flower’s smile was refreshing.

"That is alright, Dr. Jackal. We have extra sheets." Elizabeth made a mental note to maybe stockpile bedding and was certain she was going to possibly get a note from one of the maids. "As for not waking up, it is not of concern. It was not an actual danger and was easily taken care of."

Harold entered the room, bowed, glanced around the table and then whispered something in Elizabeth’s ear.

Elizabeth raised a brow, "So, early? Very well, then." She then looked at those gathered at the table. "If you would all excuse me for a moment. Please stay until I get back, I have some matters to discuss with all of you." Elizabeth stood and exited the room.

Dr. Jackal was curious as he saw Lady Elizabeth leave. He then ate a bit of his omelet and sipped his coffee. Lily on the other hand was worn out and eating a strawberry and chocolate crepe and drinking coffee instead of tea. This was out of the norm for her since she was eating less healthy than usual. Dr. Jackal asked her, "Are you doing well Ms. Lavigne?" Lily swallowed her bite and nodded no to the good doctor and then replied, "I'm afraid not Dr. Jackal. I was a bit spooked by last night's.....activities." Dr. Jackal nodded as he said, "My apologies. I failed to notice such an event. Normally I would wake up for that, but I was having a terrible dream." Lily was curious as she asked, "Do you remember it?" Dr. Jackal replied, "Sadly yes. Sometimes I recall vivid dreams about the horrible things I do when the other guy is in charge. Its very.........brutal and disturbing in many ways." Lily felt bad for the good doctor as she replied, "I'm sorry to hear that. If you need to talk about it......." Dr. Jackal forced a smile as he said, "I appreciate the sentiment but I would feel more guilt if we had the same nightmares. Worry not Ms. Lavigne. It's my burden to bear in life." Lily had a sad expression as Dr. Jackal looked distant and lonely despite being around people. She understood this all too well since having a monster inside her caused her to do the same. Perhaps that was why she felt a connection to the good doctor more than the others.

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