Questioning The Guest

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Vor thought it over, unsure how much trust he could give Iris. He also wasn’t sure how he could get some sort of security without showing concern. After all, he was supposed to be all-powerful right? Perhaps he could request someone to check after she had left? Either way, he was raised better than to deny one’s basic needs. He gestured to the small room for her to use.

“Be quick. There is more I wish to ask from you.”

"Yes, My Lord," Iris responded. She, of course, noticed the window. She looked around surprised a little that neither the sitting room nor the bathroom were more Arudan looking, though Iris wasn't exactly sure what that meant, maybe more sea-like designs. As she made use of the facilities cleaning herself up a bit as well the young woman contemplated a few things.

Iris only took a few minutes before exiting the bathroom and gave a bow to Vor. She hadn't tried to escape.

Letting her get settled again, Vor was glad she hadn’t tried an escape. Whether it was her conditioning or not, he wasn’t going to dwell on it.

“You have made it clear that your sect keeps some… firm beliefs of my people. Do they have a text to draw from? A history written by one of my own?”

The question drew a quizzical look from Isia, though she responded the response seemed as if she was as sure as she was of Ritikos just a moment ago. "Of course, To Váthos Ton Okeanón (The Ocean's Depth). According to legend, it was penned by an Arundan almost a century ago."

“I may need to examine this. Though I can assume your kind has simply drawn a different conclusion from its wisdom than I have. Curious how land dwellers' minds function at times.”

Vor’s voice faded slightly, as if deep in some grand contemplation. He hadn’t remembered anything about a tome of such nature and he wasn’t sure if she would take him at his word given her previous doubts.

“The man that was with us in the tunnels, Lamar. Why was he chosen for punishment?”

Iris just nodded to what Vor responded about the book. It was as if she was trying to piece together things in her mind but she had been injured earlier and was growing tired, so whatever was suddenly nagging at her likely wasn't coming together. "Dr. Lamare? Yes, he is supposed to be creating a serum and has been working on it for a long time. I believe that Antinea, along with the elders are growing weary of waiting on it."


Vor posed the question firmly, with an edge that lacked the kindness from before.

"Yes, maybe Elixir is a better word?" Iris responded. "It turns men into monsters of sorts. The problem is they all pass on not long after taking it. Also, there is no control over them. Lamare promised that the potion would create an army of superhumans."

“And how have your elders gleaned this from our Mother’s teachings?”

He couldn’t handle this being part of the cult, yet another blasphemy of his people, his culture, and his religion. He had figured before that the doctor was some sort of mad rogue, working alongside the Children and not fully endorsed by them.
He knew Iris had no power over this decision, but he couldn’t stop his anger growing in his voice.

"It is in the book, The Ocean's Depth. That the Eldren will perish under a great army and the Arundan will take their place. Those who follow the Arudan will be granted everlasting life. Like the Arundan have when they return to the sea, except it will be on earth. That humans are supposed to work with Arundans to make this happen. " Iris paused for a moment, She had seemed surprised by the question and as if Vor should have already known the answer. "The Elders are already losing patience that the Children seem to be being investigated by an Eldren. The fact that Lamare is taking so long is just adding to it."

“Our teachings say you will be a great army, yes. Our Mother decrees that the Eldren will fall by our will and that you will be granted everlasting life by joining our cause. All this is true.”

Vor spoke with the quiet power of a high priest, stepping closer with an unblinking glare and taking care not to bellow his words for others to hear.

“This will be done by our Mother’s power, not some man-made poison! I will need to speak with your “elders” on this grave insult and the fact they have convinced you all that this is Her will.”

He took a deep breath, realizing that it did nothing to condemn Iris for the mistakes of those in charge. He stepped back, collecting himself seeing that fatigue was catching up to her.

“I will let you rest. If safe, we will return to the temple tomorrow. I will tell the staff to attend to you if needed, as well as to come and clean up the food.”

The response from Vor relieved Iris somewhat, and she nodded. "Yes, My Lord." Her voice back to the humble in the presence of an almost God tone, it had been before.

Vor made his exit quickly, Iris’s return to submission making him truly regret his loss of control.

He informed the nearest servant he found, making sure they knew of her view of him as the Lord of the house. Only in that room would they need to uphold that facade.
He wanted sleep, to escape to a sweet oblivion. His flare had stolen any chance of rest though, needing some sort of outlet. He needed to return to his sort of work, making his way numbly to the library and being surprised to see Elizabeth there.

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