When In Need of A Thief

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Ellington Estate, France
May 12, 1889
Around 9:30 pm

Masao sat at the front observation section of his ship with Jiro playing a game of chess, a window opened to allow in a nice cool breeze as they chatted, and Jiro got progressively more frustrated at Masao's unpredictable moves. Their game was interrupted by a small metal bird flying in through the opening that perched on the edge of the table and produced a message for Masao, informing him something as come up and that he needed to come at his earliest continence.

"Checkmate," Masao said, getting up as Jiro pushed his king over.

"Sometimes I swear you cheat," he said.


Masao grabbed his coat and kissed Yui goodbye before making is way to the Manor taking a long path, and watching over his shoulder the whole way.

Arriving a little over an hour and a half later, he was let in "Good afternoon Harold." Masao said in a pleasant greeting. "Lady Elizabeth wanted to see me, it seemed very important." (edited)

Harold nodded and stepped aside to let the man in. "Please, come inside. Let me find Lady Elizabeth for you. A lot of things have happened tonight." Once Maseo was inside, Harold closed the front door and showed Maseo to one of the empty sitting rooms. "Please make yourself comfortable. Can I get you anything, while you wait?" Harold asked.

"No I am fine, thank you, Harold," Masao said taking a seat and waiting, taking out his kendama to occupy himself while he waited for Elizabeth to arrive.

Harold gave a nod and left to go find Elizabeth.

A few minutes later Elizabeth arrived carrying a book with her. "Captain Wayneright, good evening. I am hoping you can do a job for me." Elizabeth took a seat, opposite where Maseo had been sitting.

Masao caught the ball on the end of the kendama before pocketing it. "Good evening Lady Elizabeth." Masao returned her greeting, "That would very much depend on the job, so long as it falls within my bailiwick I am at your disposal." he said, "Just don't ask me to write a rousing speech or do math."

"Unless I am greatly mistaken about your capabilities, I do believe this is in your abilities." Elizabeth then added. "I need something stolen from those that shouldn't have it. "

She opened the book, she had brought with her and turned to a drawing. It was of a large, what was likely expensive sapphire. Elizabeth then showed Maseo the image. "Have you ever heard of the Eye of The Sea?"

"I've heard the name, though not something I have ever seen or spoken about other than hushed whispers," Masao said. "Who and I to require it from and from where? Second question being how big is this Eye of The Sea?" he asked, as he looked at the illustration in the book.

"It's been missing for several decades so I am not surprised you have not seen it." Elizabeth was glad he knew a little about it. "The Children of The Sea have it. My suspension is it's either in one of the offices or in the temple somewhere. The temple has a hidden door that leads to a closet, from the reports I have received, that closet has several artifacts. The Eye is top priority but if you happen to acquire any of the other artifacts that would appreciated." Elizabeth said. "The Eye is about 15 carats. A few things though. There will be guards patrolling, they usually have two per building but we got into a fight with them earlier and there may very well be more now. Second thing, the stone is known for having strong magical powers. Do not touch it with your bare hands." Elizabeth then asked. "Is this a job you would care to do alone or with a partner?"

Masao looked at the image for a while longer. "I can probably get in and out quicker and less noticed if I go it alone." he rubbed his chin. "Do they have a uniform?" he asked. "Like robes, so way I can seem more like I belong?" he asked her looking up. "Look like one of them get in get out. Grab whatever I can fit into my pockets.

Elizabeth had to think for a moment, "Yes, the patrols have black robes, and the door guards have red robes." Elizabeth gave Maseo directions to the office building and the temple, which was right behind it, across a courtyard but underground. "One more thing, Miss Lagrave and Dr. Jackal have been kidnapped. I plan on sending a party after them in the morning, as I feel that it might be best to hold off a bit. If you see anything that might lead us to them that would be useful, let me know. Please be safe, and return as soon as possible."

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