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May 12, 1889
Ellington Estate, Paris
Late night

Sung smiled and walked behind William's chair. checking the chains making sure Williams was not going anywhere soon. Sung's breathing changed for a minute as he focused his KI into the chains, hardening them to a supernatural strength.

Walking back around to the front to face William. "Well, Mr. William, we should have a great decision. Now, Miss Lavigne and Dr. Jackal, where are they being held," Sung asked, pulling something out of his pocket. It was a somewhat shiny medal.

Willliam was a mage, so he had an idea of what Sung had done to the chains but tested them anyway. They didn't budge, and given the amount of pain he was in it would take William far too long to try to undo it. The supernatural strength of the chains would wear off eventually, but that would take time. He glared at Sung. "So, they did manage to pull off kidnapping those two." William then responded with. "I'll give you one hint. They are underground." Did he know more? It was difficult to tell but the suspicion might be there.

"I was hoping I would not have to do this so disappointing Mr. Willliam." expressed Sung he showed what was in his hand as he tapped the tuning fork. Nothing could be heard but the vibrations from it shook the bone of William's shin bone where the pick had scraped. It would be intense as Sung got closer to it. The bone felt like it was splintering where Sasha had worked. Sung knew where to place it tool to make the pain borable and not even leave a mark. The sociological effect can be long-lasting.

William closed his eyes tight and muffled a scream. He was clearly in a lot of pain. so much so that he couldn't form words for several moments even after Sung stopped. When he could speak again, though, all he said was. "Let me talk with Lizzy. I might tell her." Despite the pain, he still managed to have a snide tone to his voice.

Sasha sighed. She could give him one thing: he was slightly tougher than he looked. "You know William." Sasha said, waking back over to her kit and pulling out a pair of long nosed plyers used to fish out broken picks. "I can see why The Crown stripped you of everything. No manners or respect." As William opened his mouth to begin another snide remark Sasha grabbed his jaw and forced his mouth all the way open, and gave the plyers a tap on one of his bottom front teeth. "No, as I told you before I have no qualms doing this the hard way. You have thirty two chances to behave and walk out of here with that 'winning' smile." she said making 'winning' drip with sarcasm. "Tick Tock William."

"It is better that you talk to us. The only reason you are alive is because my associate and I asked that she not kill you," said Sung in an empathetic tone. Now if you answer my questions fully we do not have to pull all your teeth, nails, and peel your skin off. Let's not forget shattering your bones." said Sung, tapping the tuning fork on the chair.

"Now where exactly are Lavigne and Dr. Jackal, where are they being held and who might be with them now?" asked Sung with a darkened expression.

If William was scared, he was trying to hide it. However, he was clearly in a pain level that was impossible to mask, by this point. "You expect me to believe that ....that Lizzy .....w...would hurt me?"

The Elizabeth that William knew would have never hurt him, as far as he knew. Her Achilles heel was how much she cared about people. It was difficult to tell by his words if he didn't believe Sung or just wanted it not to be true. If it was true that Elizabeth wanted him dead now, then maybe William's information that he had given the leaders of the Children was wrong.

“They are being held in one of the rooms under the office building for the Children, at least that was the plan. Things might have been changed, because of your attack. There are a lot of rooms made out of alcoves under the buildings and my building, they really could have taken your Doctor and Miss Lavigne to any of them." William paused. "I am guessing Staniadis is there. Maybe that man, Neville Baddington. And Dr. Lamare will likely pay Dr. Jackal a visit. Lamare is the only reason they kidnapped Jackal in the first place."

Thinking for a minute and watching closely, Sung knew he was telling the truth. Sung was sure he did not know too much more. Sung gave Sasha a sign that William was done here and time for William to go. Sung hit the tuning fork one more time to get his attention then dropped it on his lap. Sung knew it would not do much; he just wanted William to look down.

When William looked down Sung rapidly hit three pressure points in the back of his neck and along the spine and one in the head pushing KI into the points William's body slumped. "He is out," commented Sung checking William's pulse. "As much as I would have liked to kill this man, Lady Elizabeth has other plans for him. Let's get him ready for transport to the Baron. We need to talk to Lady Elizabeth to let her know what we found out, Miss Lagrave." Sung explained what was next.

Sasha nodded. "I will inform her." Sasha said, "You have ways to subdue him if he should wake up. I could just cause more damage." she said putting the tools back and tucking the fabric roll into her coat. Heading up to speak with Lady Elizabeth.

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