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The Insecurity of Security

Cronk being given the responsibility of security at the home made sense. He had the braun, not the brain. He was slow witted and impulsive. This caused injuries not only to himself but others on the team.

Cronk decided to work mostly overnight, scouting the grounds, keeping watch. He kept rounds, altering the times, so if bad guys were watching, they could not rely upon a specific time.

From time-to-time, Cronk would pause outside of Pretty Flower’s shop. He’d stand and stare at the door, giving a sigh. He would honor Lady Boss’ words. Relationships between Gnomes and Orcs just were not allowed. Team members were off limits as well.

He’d stand there a few moments, listening to her working inside, then would return to his duty. Of course, protecting Pretty Flower was also his duty. Also, the servants quarters and guest quarters were secure in Cronk’s protection.

One evening, some teens thought they would create mischief. They climbed over the wall, only to have Cronk standing before them at the bottom. They nearly cleared the wall as they jumped in fright of the huge, tusked orc.

In the morning, after the sun would rise, Cronk would be tired. So, Cronk would head to his quarters, only to find that Camille would bring a large orc-sized breakfast to his room. He’d eat, then lay across his bed and quickly fall asleep.

Whenever he would rise from sleep, Camille would already have cleared away the empty food tray and leave cigars and bourbon. Every now and then, there would also be a picture book. She took very good care of Cronk.

She would often check in on him during a break in her own duties. She knew Cronk didn’t read well, so took time to read to him a few minutes each day. Cronk especially enjoyed Victor Hugo. It was upon Camille’s reading of The Hunchback of Notre Dame that Cronk envisioned himself as Quasimodo. What surprised Cronk was that he didn’t envision Pretty Flower as Esmeralda, but rather Camille.

It was true that through these visits, Cronk had grown quite fond of the girl. It was all he needed, another forbidden love. So, it was during this very reading that Cronk abruptly arose, growled, and cast Camille from his quarters. He could not stand to be heart broken a second time. As soon as he did it, Cronk regretted the action. He saw the confusion upon her face, the tears dropping from her eyes. Cronk knelt inside the door, hearing her whimper outside it.

What was wrong with him? He was getting soft for an Orc. Perhaps he needed to return to the team. Was that what he truly wanted

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