Willam's Private Escort

May 13, 1889
Ellington Estate, Paris
11:00 AM

Paperwork, for a secretive organization there did seem to be a lot of paperwork. More so, apparently, when you were transferring a prisoner. The dead bodies were actually easier to deal with when it came to the transferring but a prisoner, even one such as William, who was alive took a little more doing.

The paperwork didn’t do much to keep Elizabeth from worrying about the people under the tunnels, both the ones she sent and the ones who were there not of their own free will. She had a feeling the day was not going to end well, and couldn’t shake it despite knowing she sent in a very competent rescue team.

It was about an hour after her visit with William that a knock came to her office door.

“Enter,” she called out.

It was Harold, who announced. “Barron Greenwood is here to retrieve the prisoner. He said he would like a word with you first.”

“How nice it would be if it was only one word the Baron wanted.” Elizabeth’s quip was met with a slight grin from Harold. “I suppose there is no getting out of it, please show him to my office.”

Harold left, and returned shortly with the Baron. Elizabeth bowed to the Baron, “Thank you, Harold, that will be all.” Harold bowed, left the room, closing the door behind him.

“Please Baron, take a seat.” Elizabeth offered him a seat which was positioned in front of her desk.

Before the Baron sat down, she saw him take in the room, especially the Orc sized chair and the step stool though wasn’t surprised by either, as he had met Cronk and Lorem. Once the Baron was seated, Elizabeth took a seat behind her desk. He might be in charge of this branch of the Order but it was still her house.

“I have to admit.” Elizabeth began. “I am a little surprised you are here yourself to escort William.”

“I wanted to make sure that that particular prisoner didn’t escape.” The Baron’s words were more than understandable. “I also wanted to discuss with you the kidnapping of two of your team members.”

Elizabeth should have known that was coming. “I sent a team to rescue them.”

“I figured you would have. Why are you not with them?” The Baron’s words, surprised Elizabeth.

“Were you not informed of the events of yesterday?” Elizabeth sighed, and then recanted what had occurred including her injury. “So, you see I did not feel I was up to that kind of work today.”

Elizabeth expected an admonishment but the Baron surprised her. He nodded and quietly said. “I am glad everyone survived.”

“Thank you, Baron.” Elizabeth responded. “I suppose this saves you a trip though. Captain Maseo procured a few items last night, after I sent him back there.”

“You sent him back? I hope you have a good reason for that undertaking.” The Baron voice had changed from the caring of a moment ago to a more firm tone.

“I did.” She moved, opening the safe behind her. Pulled out the statues. “This is part of what Captain Maseo recovered. The jade one, there are statues like this throughout the temple but this is the only one I’ve seen that’s jade. The other is more important however as it’s a rare Arundan artifact that has been missing for a while. It’s called Dual Natured.” Elizabeth didn’t know Greek and wasn’t about to attempt the Greek name.

“That is an interesting development, I am sure the Arudan leaders will be happy to have that returned to them, when the investigation is over.” The Baron then looked back at Elizabeth. “You said that was part of what he recovered So, there is more?”

“Yes, some ledger pages, in Greek, that Mr. Aster is translating. And there was one other thing,” Elizabeth unlocked her bottom drawer and pulled out the black cloth back, she put a pair of gloves in front of the Baron and then put a pair on herself. “You will need the gloves.”

The Baron seemed intrigued, he did as requested.

Elizabeth reached into the bag and pulled out the jewel, and watched as the Baron’s mouth dropped. “From that reaction, I assume you know what this is.”

“Of course, doesn’t every British mage know the Eye of the Sea? The Children had this?” The Baron asked as Elizabeth handed the jewel to him.

It was true that learning about the Eye of the Sea was part of mage training, usually when they got to boarding school. They learned that it had gone missing, its history, how not all of its powers are known and that touching it with bare hands can cause burns. However, the fact the Baron had completely forgotten about the Mages that never went to boarding school, spoke volumes of his privilege.

The Baron handed the jewel back to Elizabeth who put it in a bag. He then said, “I want you to keep the statues for the moment. I will take the jewel with me, it will be much safer at headquarters.”

Elizabeth did understand this. “Very good. Was there anything else I could do for you Baron?”

“Just to show me to the prisoner.” The Baron replied.

It wasn’t long before The Baron, William and a few guards that Baron Greenwood had brought with him were on their way. Elizabeth went back to work, it was what it was.

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