Lemaire's Lab

JP with Redsword, Lasersexpanther and Cindy

Sung signaled to wait a minute he switched hands and placed his sword in his left hand. He turned his wrist slightly keeping his sword by his leg to hide it. Sung was a master it did not matter what hand the sword was in. Sung could focus the sword to his will. He focused his Ki on the two men. and let out his breath slowly. Then Sung moved in an instant he was next to them. There was a glint of his sword and with almost no sound Sung was crouched down at the end of his movement. Sung's sword is back at his side.

Both men looked at Sung with their eyes wide as blood poured out of there necks their bodies fell forward with their heads rolling their eyes still open.

From inside the room the in distress Orc, a snarling sound and a British upset rather loud voice saying, "Bloody hell, it should have worked."

Looking into the window will reveal a lab but no one is in your line of sight.


Masao looked at the room pushing his danger sense to his limits, trying to grasp anything other than the orc. Keeping it up this long was starting to make his head ache and his eyes throb.

While Sasha waited to slip in last keeping an eye out down the hallway. Still in her 'Hunter Mode' but pulling back to normal slightly to keep her head in the situation at hand.

Sung holds his hand up for Masao to hold. Sung whispers. "I will go in first. I will not be seen by you or anyone. When the door reopens sneaks in. Sung points his sword down and jesters with his other hand. black smoke swirls around Sung from the ground up for a moment. He fades from view when the smoke dissipates Sung is gone. The door opens a little there is a pause then a little more then shouts behind Sung. He is taking in a good view of the room.

The room is a lot of potions and ingredients for potions. Jars containing various body parts from a menagerie of animals, on shelves. One shelf contains animal brains.

Closer to the end of the room, there is a small shelf which holds only one thing, The Visage of Nimue.

The statue which basically lead to the cult is very fragile, being made of coral, but not very large.


At the end of the room, to the left is another door with a window. From behind that door is where the Orc, at least one human and something else that's hard to place can be felt and along with the noises already heard, the sound of chains, and what sounds like something large running into a cage can be heard. Danger can be sensed stronger now.

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