Jack The Ripper - Connection?

JP with Jaxx and Cindy

Dr. Jackal was finishing up his notes on his findings after analyzing the remaining serum samples and autopsies. He rubbed his tired eyes and temples as he took a deep breath and exhaled. Since he needed to unwind and take a break he made his way to the break room to pour a cup of coffee and grab a cookie. As he brought the coffee up to his nose and embraced the scent before he sipped the coffee. He savored the flavor before swallowing it along with his tension.

Then he heard a knock at the door and turned to see who it was from the window. It turned out to be a few servants from Lady Elizabeth carrying some boxes. Dr. Jackal sighed as he sipped his coffee again and put it down to answer the door. He let the servants enter and drop off the boxes before leaving. As they left, they were informed that the samples came from the Children's complex. After scratching his head he popped his neck and opened the boxes. Inside the boxes he found serum samples, a brain specimen marked "Rabies 2" and some lab reports.

Most of the lab reports were regarding the serum samples. As he read them, it became clear that Dr. Lemaire tested the serum on unknowing victims not just in Paris but some more rural areas of France and London. As he read more he found an older files entitled "Bisection of Living and Non-living Specimens." Another section was labeled "Vivisection in Humans and Animals." These contained some rather cruel and inhumane experiments. It was clear that Dr. Lemaire was a disturbed man desperately trying to copy Dr. Jackal’s research.

Dr. Lemaire’s victims were labeled like test subjects, and were given a number, letter and gender instead of a name such as sample 56 A male. This would make it harder to identify who the victims were.

There were notes that the victims were, for the most part, the women were prostitutes and the men were homeless, with the exception of one female who seemed to be a nurse. Dr. Jackal figured she was in the wrong place at the wrong time when she got caught. The victims were mostly found in the Whitehall section of London. The victims numbered around 10 according to the files of humans in all with 6 women and 4 men. A notation was marked just "witnessed by apprentice", but no name was given and dated around 1885. As Dr. Jackal recalled the time frame, he remembered the newspapers mentioning a Jack The Ripper and his recorded killings were in Autumn of 1888, which included 5 women. According to the notes, Dr. Lemaire was in France by then, and there were a lot of similarities.

Dr. Jackal found the documents both intriguing and disgusting at the same time. He was glad that Dr. Lemaire was no longer experimenting on others but knew he was also a monster who ate his enemies. Seeing as he still had work to do, he finished his coffee and snack before preparing his lab tools to test some samples.

After Elizabeth was done speaking with Maseo, she went to check on Nugbu, who had decided to busy himself with the helping the workers reinforce the fence, as part of the extra security.

So, Elizabeth could check on both. As it turned out a lot more had been finished than what was expected, meaning they should be done sometime tomorrow.

"Nugbu," The Eldren called over the Orc guest. "You are a guest in my home. So, while the work is appreciated, it is unnecessary."

"Nugbu want to help. People here nice to Nugbu, help Nugbu. So, me help people." The Orc paused. "Sitting all day. Boring."

Elizabeth nodded and smiled at the Orc, wondering if they were all like this or were Cronk and Nugbu just have exceptional qualities of hard work and loyalty.

After that was done she went to Jackal's lab and knocked on the door.

Dr. Jackal heard the knock on the door and rubbed his eyes as he put down his notebook. He was taking notes on his research findings till heard the knock. He opened the door and saw Lady Elizabeth and gave her a smile. He said, “How can I help you, Lady Elizabeth?”

"I was checking to see how far you had gotten with the items retrieved today, there is no hurry but I was hoping to discuss the files that were found." Elizabeth answered.

Dr. Jackal nodded as he moved aside to let Lady Elizabeth enter the lab. He then replied, “Well I read through the documents and have made preparations to analyze the samples. Though I expected to see some dark data from Dr. Latrine, I still found the information quite disturbing. So what is your take on this data?”

Elizabeth entered the lab, took a quick glance around and then responded, "I only gave the reports a quick glance, but I can agree they were quite disturbing." The Eldren stated. "Am I correct that the some of the methods Dr. Lamaire used were similar to ones of Jack The Ripper?" She paused, "I should say I am aware the Ripper killings took place when, according to all reports, Dr. Lamaire was in France.”

Dr. Jackal rubbed the back of his head as he sighed and nodded. He replied, “Yes ma’am. There is a lot of similar patterns between the two. It may be safe to say Dr. Latrine or one of his lackeys was indeed Jack the Ripper. Sadly even if I can prove it was Latrine, it won’t undo his crimes or bring anyone back. So are we investigating the connection between the two?” Dr. Jackal was unsure what Lady Elizabeth was hoping to find.

"No, we have very little leeway with what we are allowed to investigate regarding all of that, for the moment. Also, we are not in London which I believe would make that particular investigation far more difficult. I will, however, mention it to the Baron." It was something he should know, Elizabeth supposed. "I was just curious, shall we say. Was there anything else that you would like to report, at the moment.”

Dr. Jackal shrugged before he replied, “Well it seemed to be the same desperate pattern Dr. Latrine was using to replicate my formula. When he failed, he would substitute a similar ingredient, even if it meant using people as a test subject.”

Elizabeth nodded, "As to be expected. Well, please do remember there is no rush on this, but, of course let me know of you come across anything interesting." The Eldren then added. "I will see you at dinner, Doctor. " With that the leader left Jackal to his work.

Dr. Jackal bid Lady Elizabeth good day as she left. He wanted to stay in her good favor since he owed her a lot for allowing him a chance at a new life as a free man. It was bad enough he was tainted by his past due to the demon inside him, but sadly that same demon had come out twice while in service to Lady Elizabeth. He felt guilt and respect for the woman who took his side against some many like the Baron. Though the Baron was no real threat to him, he still didn't want Lady Elizabeth to take additional heat from his actions. This motivated the good doctor to continue his work in the lab and produce quality results in a short amount of time so the team could work more efficiently. Now that he was alone he began to get back to work on the remainder of his work. When he had down time he continued his studies on his blood in hopes of a more positive solution to his lack of control and the the monsters that Dr. Latrine created from his blood.

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