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Summary: Deranged Scientist/Doctor

Dr. Laurent Lemaire

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Gender: male

Age: 35

Group: NPC


Upper-Class (0r was)
He doesn't adhere to one religion


medicine, chemistry, anatomy and physiology, occult, ancient and modern religions, biology, biochemistry, and ancient cultures.

Speaks: French, English, Russian, Latin, Greek, and Chinese


Paranoid, delusional, sadistic, hears voices, violent temper

Physical Appearance

about 5'10"
dark hair and eyes
often has facial hair - mustache/goatee
dresses fashionable
has a cane (it's hard to tell if it's an accessory or needed)

Personality and interests

Lemaire is obsessed and firmly believes everyone has a demon inside of them. If he can harness that demon he can create a super soldier. He also would lead humanity back to its true nature.


Not much is known about Laurent Lemaire until he entered university in London at the age of 16, sponsored by a benefactor. Lemaire was studious and doing well academically came easy to him, socialization not so much. He only had one friend Daniel Hastone. Daniel was a year older than Laurent, outgoing and charismatic. The two were constantly in running for top honors. During their graduation year, it became clear one of them would emerge as the top graduate in their class. Daniel invited Laurent to his home for Easter, as Laurent never seemed to have any family. Daniel was found dead that weekend, a supposed drowning victim.

Laurent graduated at the top of his class and went on to medical school where his personality suddenly changed. He became outgoing and charismatic, much in the way Daniel had been. He graduated with honors and moved back to Paris where he set up a practice. Dr, Lemaire became known as a humanitarian because he would often see the working class and “less fortunate” for little or no pay.

These patients though would wind up with ailments they hadn’t had before. He would just say the aliment had gone unnoticed before and because so few in those classes saw doctors regularly, not much was thought of it. He eventually opened a larger clinic, one where people could stay for days or longer. These patients would many times end up dead. At first, the patients were very ill and so it seemed likely that death was inevitable but then patients that were not that ill would be asked to stay and many of them also wound up dead.

There was an investigation and Dr. Lamaire was found to be experimenting on the people he was bringing into the clinic. By this point, he had grown quite arrogant, as well. He was kicked out of the Scientific Guild of Paris and word quickly got to London where he was also kicked out of that guild.

While awaiting trial Lemaire escaped. He went to London, hid out, and heard about what had happened with Dr. Jackall. It took him a while but eventually, he found a thief that would break into the now-bordered-up lab and see if anything worthwhile was left. As it turned out, there were still stacks of research the police had not seized, likely not understanding that it was important.

Lemaire was able to stay in hiding, kidnapping victims from the lower east end of London but then the Jack The Ripper murders made the London papers and police stepped up their patrols and the once easy-to-find victim areas became desolate. Lemaire fled London and set up a lab near a small village in the mountains of France.

At first he seemed to want to help the people of the village. They had a healer but the woman was very old and Lemaire easily got rid of her without questions being asked. The people started coming to him. He would help many but occasionally experimented and end up killing some. He convinced the people that the deaths had been accidents or undignosed conditions.

The people trusted him and anyone who didn’t would wind up dead. Eventually, all he had left were the ones whom the serum did not kill but turned into monsters. He would inject these people every day. They all eventually died. He kept tweaking the formula but eventually had no one left to experiment on.

While he knows about the team that was looking for him, he sent the monster after them, Lemaire can’t control his need to see this project through. Hearing about the Exposition he returned to Paris. He began selling the serum. First as a cure-all but eventually realized that men would pay a great deal for anything related to vitality and men were who he wanted to experiment on. The serum has been being sold in back alleys and areas of the exposition less frequented by people. He or his hires searches the expo for possible customers and tells them to meet him elsewhere. Lemaire is constantly experimenting and modifying the formula in the hopes that one will be exactly what he’s looking form

Favorite Sayings

"Humans are all monsters, that should be embraced and not hidden."
"Imagine the potential."

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Image of Dr. Laurent Lemaire
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