Never Piss Off A Demon

JP with Jaxx, Lasersexpanther, Redsword and Cindy

May 13, 1889
Streets of Paris

As Dr. Jackal was fighting his inner demon, Dr. Lemaire and Oliver quickly aimed at the group hoping to get some revenge. By chance Dr. Jackal stumbled forward and took several shots all over his torso. It was a traumatic sight for poor Lily as he transformed back into a hulking red demon. Big Red looked back at Lily who was in shock and then at Dr. Lemaire and Oliver as the bullets popped out of his body as he quickly healed. Then he spit out a bullet to the ground and gave his enemy an evil smile. Before anyone reacted Big Red leapt at Dr. Lemaire and Oliver with a big desire to kill and eat them alive.

Sung was surprised by the gunfire and the transformation of Dr. Jackal. he turned to watch him leap away. Sung lifted his hand. Sung's face with a devilish grin. "Ah.. Mr Red... Oh well, I could not stop Red if I wanted to." Sung said not even very loud. Probably only the group could hear it. over the screams of the people as they all ran in different directions. "Miss Lily, look away as Sung steps into her view. Looking into her eyes "Just look at me no reason to watch." says Sung in a calm soothing tone.

Dr. Lemaire and Oliver fired the last of their bullets at Big Red as he was flying towards them. The sound of the empty guns clicking only enhanced their fears as they dropped the guns to run away. Sadly they didn’t get far as Big Red landed right behind them and crushed the street under his feet. The shockwave caused both men to bounce into the air in a panic. Then Big Red grabbed them by their legs and held them up like the catch of the day at an all you can eat sushi bar. Big Red licked his lips as he looked at the two panicked men who wronged him and many others. Then as if to torment Dr. Lemaire, Big Red slowly chomped on Oliver’s head as if to show what was going to happen to him next. Dr. Lemaire soiled himself as he panicked to escape, but it was pointless as Big Red ate him alive in pure delight. Anyone who saw this would be traumatized for a good while.

The Orc stood there in shock at what he was witnessing, unable to speak for several minutes. Then he finally spoke, "One who does what some accuse of Orcs."

Orcs had never actually eaten people but prejudice could linger in certain areas of society longer.

The other people in the alley, who were mostly Children of the Sea members, were running in all directions trying to get out of there before they were eaten as well.

Big Red appeared to enjoy eating Dr. Lemaire and Oliver in a most gruesome manner and paid little attention to the onlookers. Once he was done he began hunting the fleeing cult members like a killer whale as he tossed them up into the air, then broke them as they landed and with hard thuds. Big Red was on a rampage as he was piling up the bodies as he roared. Once the remaining cult members escaped Big Red proceeded to gather all the broken cult members into one big pile. He then began to eat at his makeshift cult buffet like a happy savage demon.

Sasha stared blankly, taking mental notes of everything happening, from the fleeing people to the 'feast' of Big Red.

Masao on the other hand, had ducked into a small alleyway, hand pressed against a wall losing everything in his stomach. Once finished the spat, and blew his nose, "I didn't sign up for this..." he thought, trying to block out the crunching bones and screaming civilians.

The minutes it took for Big Red to finish eating seemed like much longer to the Orc, Nugbu. It was surreal, horrible but also difficult to look away from.

The Children who weren't being consumed had exited the alleyway, leaving behind no one but the group and Big Red.

By the time Big Red was done eating his meal of cult members he patted his muscular stomach and then proceeded to let out a loud and powerful belch that rattled the area and shook the windows. The nearby windows cracked and shattered, causing glass to burst around Big Red who was barefoot and reduced to wearing only his slacks that seemed to stretch beyond capacity. It was a miracle they didn't rip off like the rest of his clothing. As the bloated Big Red stood up and scratched his butt and the top of his hair/head he looked around confused and lost and then began sniffing the air. He then began to follow the direction the cult members escaped to, but he was less aggressive and more curious as he left away from the team.

Sung watched in surprise. He had not seen anything like this since Japan. Sung fought a Demon back then. It had been over 20 years since the last time he had to witness such a thing. Part of Sung wanted to stop Red and take him down. Sung let it go for now. If Red did not calm down soon Sung would have to act. That was an idea Sung was not looking forward to.

Big Red started to wander away from the group, and down another alley. He was moving quickly, one would think it would be hard to lose anything that big but unless someone followed him, that is what would happen.

"Rest of you get back to the house I will deal with Red," said Sung, his face having a resolute look to it. his tone though sounded burdened. Sung knew the task before him Red had done enough now it was time for Sung to slow him down if he could. It was Sung's time to make him the target of Red. Sung did not wait for a reply; he was gone, moving as fluid as water and elusive as air.

Sung was on Red in moments. Sung was at his end but had no other choice. Jumping off the wall and getting in front of Red. Landing Sung stood defiant in the face of the monster in front of him. He breathed in and out deeply, his KI flowing with every breath. The dust and papers in the air itself started to circle Sung, his hair and his clothing moved with the air. Sung's KI Battle Aura manifests as it was felt 40 feet from him. The air pressure changed in his area making it hard to move as the air was pushed away from Sung there was a feeling of impending doom. A supernatural fear was felt; you could almost see an outline of a dragon above him.

People screamed in fear, some even passed out from Sung's presence. Animals, people, insects , everything was trying to get away from Sung. The warrior spirit was so overwhelming.

From another viewpoint, the eyes of the ancient one were watching with amazement "When did he master that?" it asked itself. It Is time then Master Shun Shi To answer your destiny." it whispered in the air. Then it dissolved into black mist and moved unnoted by all.

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