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Sung sensed no danger coming from the room. The fact that the people are everywhere will likely help in the team's escape.

When trying the door it's locked but no magic is sensed on it, currently. It does have an almost tingling sensation, not magic but more like a residual effect from a strong spell.

Sung with a spin of his sword and downward motion. The sword Windeu Hebeunseu (Heavens Wind) cut through the door like it was just scrap wood. Keeping with his motion Sung spun and kicked the door almost splintering it. Rushing in Sung stopped suddenly his heart saddened as he saw Lily and her father on the floor the fathers blood started to pool from his wounds. Sung could not sense Lilys fathers life any more. there was nothing Sung could do for him.

Dr. Jackal was a bit shocked and relieved to see Mr. Sung bursting in the door. Of course the mood quickly changed as Mr. Sung saw Lily holding her dead father as she was crying. Since Lily was in a bad state of mind Dr. Jackal said, “Though we are glad you are here Mr. Sung, we will need some help.”

Shortly after Sung entered the room Sasha burst in, her eyes flicking around taking in the whole scene in a few seconds. Not talking she ducked over and under the slab Dr. Jackal was on. "Remain still." she said, pushing the pick into the lock, she let out a breath focusing on the locks. The thud of metal, and rattle of loose hanging chains soon followed. "Can you walk?" Sasha asked Jackal as she stood.

Masao was next into the room with a strange orc following him. "Can you carry him?" Masao asked, pointing to Lily's father. "We can't just leave him here," he added.

Dr. Jackal nodded as Sasha picked the lock on his shackles. He knew this was a tense moment and he wanted to keep his emotions in check to prevent Big Red from coming out. When asked if he could walk he nodded yes even though he knew it was going to be hard till he could move his muscles a bit. He had no idea how long he was strapped down and forced to sleep in the same position this whole time. He replied softly, "Yes, but my balance may be off.”

The Orc nodded, and quietly said "Yes, I carry." He bent down and gently took the dead man into his arms.

The locks, with the magic worn off of them, unlocked fairly easily. Jackal was free, but Big Red could be felt, almost simmering just below the surface as if something was preventing him from boiling over.

People could still be heard in the hallway but the commotion of earlier was dying down, a little. Sung and Maseo can only sense humans, no more magic beyond the spell that was lingering on Jackal, keeping Big Red at bay. Everyone was too busy leaving to be of danger to the team.

"OK ready? I will try to stay behind me. You won't like being in front of me I promise you," said Sung as a warning to the others. Sung sheathed his sword, something unusual for him. and stepped toward the door. "We stay together, Maseo, can you take rear guard? Sasha, center your backup if something happens. If that is ok with you two?" asked Sung.

Dr. Jackal was moving in pain as he was being supported by Lily. It was all he could do to comfort her in this crisis. It helped the good doctor to stay distracted and keep Big Red at bay for now. Lily was still sniffling but her tears had slowed down a lot as she took comfort being held by the good doctor. They tried not to make any noise as they followed Mr. Sung who in his battle ready position despite having his sword in its sheath.

Sasha nodded, holstering her gun and pulling out the knife and harpe. Taking the middle with Lily, Dr. Jackal and the orc between herself and Masao who fell in behind. Masao followed in a sort of side step so he could watch the rear and keep up. His gun raised pointing behind them, sword drawn at his side.

"I do not think we should leave that loose end..." Sasha said to Sung.

"Sung promised his life if he helped." Masao chimed in.

"Sung might have but I made no such promise." Sasha added.

"He was a pawn. Does it matter if he dies?" points out Sung. "I will not harm him as I promised. but do remember you will answer to Lady Elizabeth for unnecessary deaths. That is all I will say on the matter. Do what you think is needed. But I don't see him as a threat. If I did we would not be having this conversation," said Sung, stepping out of the room and making sure they were clear to move. In the tunnel, Sung tried to sense if the man they tied up was still there.

Sasha only nodded and followed Sung out the door. Masao chimed in. "We should probably move this along as quickly as we can, this confusion will only last so long. And I don't know about all of you but I'd rather not be here when it's past." he shrugged slightly, "I can take down more than a few people but a mobs, a mob skilled or not.”

Dr. Jackal was slowly getting his muscles working properly as he was walking by Lily's side. She was doing her best to keep him steady as they walked. Her puffy red eyes made it hard to see properly but she was doing her best all things considered. Of course she got a bit tense as Dr. Jackal spoke up. He said, "Should we get overwhelmed, I will deal with them as you all escape, but please stay as far away from me as possible. The other guy is itching to get some payback." Dr. Jackal looked rather stoic as he spoke knowing he already resolved himself to face that reality.

In the hallway people were going in various directions. In one direction the team could definitely see where people were escaping out of the tunnel. Though it's know there are several exits out of the tunnels. The choice is to escape at the closest exit or find another one.

Sung gave a look to Dr. Jackal. "Sir, I hope that will not be needed," replied Sung, leading the group. "That is why I am in the lead not only for us but the people here. Not all of them need to die like that," commented Sung walking behind another group. This way they looked like everyone else just trying to get out and having injured people making it look more real.

Sung would look for the first exit out. He would not worry as much when they got out onto the street.

Exiting the door of the room there were people scrambling for the exit, in the way of the group to make its escape. That was until the Orc, in a deep bellowing voice said, "Move it."

No one was in the mood to mess with not just the Orc, carrying who most thought was an injured man, but the group he was with. With Sung in the lead, the group made it out of the tunnel and into an alleyway.

From about four blocks away, the young man who shot Wayne came up from the tunnels clearly holding a gun. Right behind him emerged Lemaire.

As both the young man, Oliver, and Dr. Lemaire spotted Sung, Sasha, Dr. Jackal, Lily, the Orc and Maseo the spell keeping Big Red at bay wore off. Being kept down for so long, the shift started happening immediately.

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