When Astra raised a brow at the Jawa and noticed Coralina carrying crates, the brunette felt a hint of anxiety spike within herself. Only, when the red head spoke it was a surprising question to the pilot. “Aren't you a pilot? Why are you doing grunt work?” It was obvious the girl was confused.

Clearing her throat, she opened her mouth to reply, only to stop when another woman in the group spoke up. “Nice to meet you. I'm Barriss Offee. Those are my friends, Altus and Jewel." She said.

“Oh, uh, hi,” Coralina blurted. “Just call me, uh, Coral. Yeah, Coral is fine. I prefer Coral...uh...sorry for bothering you, Astra. I didn't mean to interrupt you and your...” She had to look over the group for a moment before finishing her words. “Your guests. Yes, guests.”

Node made a beeping noise next to her.

“Oh, hush,” She hissed at the droid. “I...I'm just trying to be polite!”

If the droid had eyes it would have rolled them. Instead, it bumped into her as if trying to get the pilot to do more than apologize like a five year old.

“Anyway, to answer your question, Miss Astra,” Coral continued, gently pushing the droid away so it would only float next to her, “I am doing this because I have no ship to pilot.” It was more like she had no ship anyone would let her pilot. Just because she was one didn't mean she got the work she actually wanted.

She was just another normal person with so little force sensitivity that the higher ups saw her as nothing more than a grunt.

"I'll get out of your way. Again, apologies." She picked the packages back up and began to walk away, expecting everyone to just let her go like always.

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