Silent Jawa

At Astra's words, Jewel began to shrink away and was going to return to the ship, but Atlus' kindness stopped her. She tilted her head and listened to his explanation, contemplating and calculating his words. She understood the threat, but she also knew they were on a ship where she would love to get her hands on some interesting tools.

Sadly, she wasn't quite sure how to react to the odd woman that kept apologizing. She didn't see any reason to apologize, honestly. The woman was merely doing a job, right?

Shrugging, Jewel kept close to Atlus and didn't speak, not even in her native tongue. She'd learned a little basic over time, but the words always got jumbled up and she'd chosen to just keep her mouth shut. Letting Atlus do most of the talking was a smarter choice any day. He was better with his words and had a friendly face. This made people trust him.

Jewel, however, was a jawa, and they had reputations.

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