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Summary: The leader of an underground society/the adoptive mother to her sister

Cynthia Black

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Group: Dream Walker



Mutant or Human


Job/Occupation(not required)

Runs an underground society for mutants

Physical Appearance

Fair olive/white skin, Black hair, green eyes
5' 8"
Curvy, C bust, full cupids bow


Cynthia is typically gentle and maternal, though she harbors a darker side that can be wild and untamed - a side effect of her newly found ability to dream walk. She is extremely intelligent and organized, which makes her OCD hard to hide sometimes.


Cynthia was 18 when the rupture happened. Her mother and family dog was killed when their home collapsed in one of the earthquakes that practically removed her small town from maps, leaving only unsettled dirt and sink holes behind. Her sister, her father, and herself barely escaped the wreckage. After a short amount of time had passed, Cynthia and her family relocated to a camp outside of a big city that offered help and resources to the victims of chaos. In the following months, they were able to get into a small 2 bedroom apartment and start rebuilding their lives, but Cynthia held a disastrous secret - not only was she harboring mutants in an underground shelter, she was a dream walker. Her father fell into alcoholism, resulting in Cynthia and her sister, Lydia, moving into the underground settlement permanently.

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Image of Cynthia Black
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