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Summary: When the wind blows...

Sophia Sawyer

Gender: F

Age: 17

Group: Elemental Manipulation (specify)


American - Marlow, Oklahoma

Mutant or Human

Mutant - Wind Manipulation

Job/Occupation(not required)


Physical Appearance

Snow white hair with dark ocean blue eyes and skin so pale it almost looks like snow, she is average height with a lithe frame. She has black facial tattoos and always seems to be scowling.


With a short temper and unwillingness to cooperate with authorities, she is wild and often considered out of control. Her love for animals keeps her going, thus her travels with a wolf-dog named Honey. Due to her nature and aloofness towards people, it is often mistaken that she does not care about others.


Born in Marlow, Oklahoma, Sophia grew up knowing what hard work was by taking care of a farm owned by her drunkard of a father. Her mother died of cancer just before her fourteenth birthday and she has lived with the determination to get out of Oklahoma and away from her father ever since. She would study and work and never had friends at her school due to all of this, but she was determined.

But then the world changed and she found herself in an ever changing environment. Her powers manifested themselves at a rapid rate, causing a twister that drestroyed her home and her father with it. She was hiding in the basement of her home when it all happened and doesn't realize that her power is what created the twister in the first place. All she knew was that she needed to run.

Traveling with Honey, her wolf-dog, she helps those she can and is not afraid to cause trouble for authorities. Her goals and ambitions are unknown, but it is obvious she loves to care for animals and protect them. Those who once knew her back home often refer to her as "Wild Sophie".

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Image of Sophia Sawyer
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