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Summary: Traveling medic with a heart of gold

Khunara Takomoto

Gender: F

Age: 25

Group: Dream Walker



Mutant or Human


Job/Occupation(not required)

Traveling Medic

Physical Appearance

Fair skin and fairly short due to her heritage, she has long dark hair, deep brown eyes and is always dressing in comfortable clothing she can get. Her most notable feature is a hidden scar along her back that follows her spine. It is a reminder of what she is and how she almost died for merely existing. Her frame is petite but curvy and she is not a physically powerful individual.


Often quiet and introverted, she has a kind heart and loves to help others. She has a very big heart and wants to remind everyone that they deserve a second chance. There are times she has a short fuse, particularly when people remind her of how...short she is.


When the events occurred, Khunara (Coon-nah-rah), or as she prefers to be called, Khun, she was just another victim of the side effects. After hearing about the first Dream Walker and what happens if you are known as one, she began to be extremely careful. The only people she has ever dream walked into are her family and a few patients that could not speak.

The moment her parents realized what she was they tried to turn Khun in. Not one for being executed (when is anyone?), Khun ran and has not looked back since...

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Image of Khunara Takomoto
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