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Summary: A feisty and stubborn individual who only obeys one person - her sister.

Lydia Black

Gender: female

Age: 15

Group: Telepathy



Mutant or Human


Job/Occupation(not required)

Reads peoples intentions before the enter the underground society

Physical Appearance

Brown hair, green eyes, fair olive/white skin, slightly upturned button nose, wears a single braid down her back
5' 4"
110 Ib


Lydia is stubborn and abrasive, with little care for other peoples feelings. She does her best to care for everyone's well being, but prides herself on being independent and untouchable.


After Lydia's older sister, Cynthia, moved them into the underground society, Lydia took on reading peoples intentions before they were able to enter the new underground society. She would reach into the deepest parts of their mind to find any fear that might have them turn the society in to the authorities. Many people grew to fear her, as it was rare for such a young mutant to have intense control over their ability.

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Image of Lydia Black
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