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Summary: Ready to protect our world and our people no matter the cost.

Nefertiti Aluna Mikaelson

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Group: Elemental Manipulation (specify)



Mutant or Human

Mutant with the ability to manipulate organic molecules and non organic

Job/Occupation(not required)

Unemployed due to unforseen circumstances

Physical Appearance

5' 5", Long bleach wave curly black hair, emerald eyes, curvy with an average bust, soft caramel skin tone, covered in geometric tattoos.


I am very fiery and feisty and when angry become uncontrollable. I used to be very shy and introverted. I'm also very creative and artistic


Nefertiti Aluna Mikaelson was born into an ordinary family in a quiet suburban town, but her life took a remarkable turn when she manifested her unique abilities at the age of 12. Her mutation granted her control over the elements: earth, water, fire, and air. This gift, however, came with its share of challenges and intrigue.

Growing up, Aurora struggled to conceal her powers, fearing the reactions of her family and peers. She spent countless hours practicing in secret, honing her abilities in remote locations away from prying eyes. It was during one of these secret practice sessions that she first realized the true extent of her powers. She could move mountains, extinguish raging fires, conjure storms, and create life-sustaining oases in the desert.

As Aurora entered her teenage years, her abilities began to draw the attention of both the scientific community and shadowy organizations with nefarious agendas. Her family decided to move to a remote cabin in the mountains to protect her from those who sought to exploit her powers. There, she continued to train and develop her skills, determined to harness her elemental abilities for the greater good.

Aurora's journey was not without its trials. She faced internal struggles, grappling with the ethical dilemmas of her powers and the responsibility they carried. She also yearned to find others like her, people who could understand and guide her in her unique path.

One fateful day, while exploring an ancient forest near her mountain retreat, Aurora encountered a group of elemental mutants who called themselves the "Elemental Guardians." Each member had mastery over a different element, and they had sensed her presence. They revealed themselves to her and offered to mentor her in unlocking her full potential.

Under the guidance of the Elemental Guardians, Aurora gained a deeper understanding of her powers and learned how to wield them with precision and control. She also discovered that her abilities were connected to the balance of nature, and she was entrusted with the responsibility of protecting the natural world from those who sought to harm it.

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Image of Nefertiti Aluna Mikaelson
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