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Summary: The Hunter For Hire

Demitri Ivanov

Gender: Male

Age: 29

Group: Human/No Power



Mutant or Human

Human - no powers

Job/Occupation(not required)

The Hunter - he hunts and kills mutants for money

Physical Appearance

Standing at average height, Demitri is a blond with brown eyes and fair skin. He is always seen with his guns and dresses well enough to blend into society.


Cold, calculated, and very straightforward. Demitri does not care much for anyone and will kill without a second thought, even if it's his own friend.

"No loose ends," Demitri says calmly.


As a child, he was a hunter of all sorts of things, trained and raised by his father - a hunter for hire. After the events, which killed his father in the process, he has taken on the job of hunting down mutants. This means he will work for whoever has the best price to offer...

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Image of Demitri Ivanov
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