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Summary: Its a matter of survival not morality

Oceane Dubois

Gender: Female

Age: 31

Group: Trespasser

Place of Birth

Nice, France


Singer/ Thief/ Honeypot/ Information Broker


long platinum blonde hair, nearly silver, pale flawless skin aside from a small mole one the right of her chin. light pink plump lips a small slightly upturned nose, light grey eyes. some have described her as 'ghostly' wears fine dresses her favorite is a fur trimmed number.


Growing up in the world after the visitation Océane only lived with the aftermath, but was told stories of how things were before. As a young woman she learned she had a talent for singing, and as she got older and prettier she learned she had more skills, though most were of a deceptive quality she used them to great benefit. Making contact with trespassers looking to make it big selling them information over heard to stolen. If you know her that treasure to finally make you somebody could be a conversation away. For the right price anyway.

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Image of Oceane Dubois
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