The Voice on the Airwaves

All across The Zone, any radio that happened to be tuned to a specific radio frequency would suddenly flicker to life. Crackling to life at first in a blast of feedback and popping static, and just as suddenly back into a nearly dead state but this time with lingering life behind it.

After a pregnant pause a voice swam across the airwaves. Rich and smooth like scotch and cigarettes. “Goooood evening children of The Zones. It is I, your 'Voice' in the dark. The Light that will guide your way. Your eyes and ears to the rumblings of the world at large, but most importantly…the heart of entertainment in these dull dull times.” The Voice on the radio spoke in deep dulcet tones. “Coming to you with some news. Keep your eyes on the sky and your mask handy children because there’s a storm rolling over The Zone, and she’s shaping up to be a nasty one. So if you can, please keep inside with a sturdy roof over your head if you can.” The Voice paused for a moment, to let that info reach his audience before speaking again. “And…” he slipped into a lower range in his voice in a conspiratorial whisper. “A little birdy told me The Department is up to something…God knows what. But its something.” he said with an audible shrug. “But when aren’t they?” he asked rhetorically, “One final bit of news, something fell from the sky earlier today, no reports on what it was, theories include a satellite, a meteor, or a UFO. My money is on a plane, but that begs the question: what brought it down?” The Voice asks his audience again.

The sound of a Zippo being flipped open, and a drag on a cigarette filtered through a mic The Voice spoke again. “Now children, let's slow things down for the day and enjoy the soulful tones of your favorite and mine Océane Dubois singing a beautiful cover of
House of the Rising Sun.

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