OOC: Welcome Trespassers

It has been fifty years since the world was ravaged by the visitation. Now the continent of Europe is a barely habitable scarred landscape, managed by the remnants of the world's governments. Those who dare to seek answers about this new world trespass into the restricted territories, closed off to those who aren't authorized. There they seek treasures, the strange artifacts left behind by the mysterious visitors, hoping that they'll reveal great power to the finder.

Will you trespass? Will you represent those who aim to keep the zones sealed off? What will you find?

Inspired by Roadside Picnic (Adapted as Stalker (1979), S.T.A.L.K.E.R Video Game Series)

- Be respectful of other players, especially no killing other player's characters without their permission.
- Please no overpowered characters.
- Remember this is a mature game and thus you should play in a mature manner.
- Don't be afraid to keep in touch with the game's community.

You can find an example character attached to this post

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