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Duncan Beck

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Gender: Male

Age: 41

Group: Trespasser

Place of Birth

Sark, Channel Islands


Freelance Trespasser


Duncan stands at around six foot in height. He has brown shaggy hair, a stubble and grey eyes. He's fairly ordinary looking. He usually dresses in a pale jumpsuit, it's comfortable enough.


Duncan was born on the quiet island of Sark, raised in a trespasser community. Growing up he never had to worry about the government's influence on the zones, in fact he didn't even encounter the Response Government until he himself was brought into Zone Athelstan by his father. Sadly the zone eventually caught up with his father and he died of a mysterious illness, Duncan believes that the illness was a result of the pollution left behind by the visitation. He continues to travel to zones in search of their secrets.

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Image of Duncan Beck
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