The Engine

The Engine was a huge iron train that travelled through a rail network constructed by the EPERG, only the most senior governmental officials and their staff were permitted use. Of course Anissa Beek was one of these senior officials, travelling to the capital designated the City. She sat in her own private carriage surrounded by young interns scrambling around, following up on pieces of information or requests from other seniors. With her longest finger she summoned one of them over to her: "Has there been any updates on that situation with that Dr. Duval?"

"Not yet ma'aam. We are having issues with communication coming in and out of Athelstan," the intern explained, he didn't want to be the one to relay this information to Beek. He expected a severe punishment for something he had no control over.

"What kind of issues?"

"All calls are failing, both audio and visual. It'll start off okay and then it's like the data gets lost?"

"Get me a technician, right now!" Beek demanded. The intern quickly shook his head, then extended out his hands as to say calm down. "What on Earth are you doing?"

"We can't do that I am afraid Mrs. Beek, all the technicians are already looking into the matter. There's none available, there has been countless requests from officials on every carriage on this train. They believe something is wrong in Athelstan."

"Then find out what the hell is wrong!"

"Yes, Mrs. Beek, I'll try my best. I promise." The intern was off, doing all he could to address the situation. Anissa Beek sat in her seat with a look of disapproval, her cheek rested on a clenched fist. The interns collectively gave each other a look, a look that said don't upset her anymore.


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