Join Up?

Crow rubbed his sore shoulder till it popped back into place. He let out a grunt then replied, "Yeah I guess I got lucky. I wuz hoping ta rescue them before we crashed, but I guess I am day late and a dollar short again." Crow looked around at the mess the plane crash left behind. It pained him that he would never hear his friends laugh or scold him again. As he looked around he saw the female was alone and clearly not from the military by her outfit and mannerisms. If she was military she would have questioned him at gun point while only rescuing the surviving military personnel. Crow made it a habit to observe these kind of things after seeing others screw up in the past. Seeing as this female was the only ally he had at the moment and they had a lot of salvage for only two people he realized he would need help.

Crow spoke up, "I go by the name Crow. As ya can see I just lost everyone I know and there are more supplies than I can carry from all this. If ya want we can work together for a 50/50 split starting with the salvage we have here. However we kinda have to hurry since the dead bodies will attract predators." Crow rubbed his sore arm as he looked around for his backpack. Once he found it he began loading any good supplies he could use.


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