Gotta Get Away.

Crow spoke up, "I go by the name Crow. As ya can see I just lost everyone I know and there are more supplies than I can carry from all this. If ya want we can work together for a 50/50 split starting with the salvage we have here. However we kinda have to hurry since the dead bodies will attract predators." Crow rubbed his sore arm as he looked around for his backpack. Once he found it he began loading any good supplies he could use.

“Then we should move fast,” Emma retorted and pointed in the direction she had come from originally to arrive. “I saw things...dangerous things. They looked hungry and were a few miles out when I was on my way here.” Going over to a pack, she tossed it over to Crow. “I don't much like to be food...”

Crow saw the female quickly salvage what she could in a hurry. So he made it a point to collect the big stuff in a hurry. He collected the first aid kit, some dry rations, a few guns and as much ammo as he could find even if it didn't fit in the guns. he figured he could use it to make fires, flash bombs and smoke bombs if needed. Sadly he knew he had to be picky since he could only carry so much weight and some hungry critters would be arriving soon to eat the dead bodies. Then the female spoke up to him in a concerned voice.

Emma gets jerked back to reality by the sound of thunder and looks up toward the sky. “We need to go. Forget the rest.” She told Crow and started to head in the opposite direction of those things she'd seen and the storm.

They needed to move. Now.

Crow looked at the direction away from the hungry monsters heading towards them and slung his pack on as he replied, "Looks like we are out of time. Lets hoof it till we can find a safer place to camp. If you have any knowledge of this place feel free to share." Crow was running by the woman away from the loud noises behind them. He had no intention of being animal chow after all the chaos he just went throught.

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