The New Guy

Rook watched as the two figures got closer towards the church. Not too far behind them a pack of creatures were in pursuit. Stepping out of cover he waved from the bell tower to get their attention. "Get inside I will cover you" he shouted. Raising his rifle he took aim at the beast closest to them firing off a couple of shots and dropping it. Without hesitation he moved to the next target and the next continuing to provide cover fire.

Hearing the voice coming from ahead Crow thought he was hearing things. he wondered if he hit his head a bit to hard when the plane crashed and he hearing voices in his head now. He was now debating on weather to ask his new ally if she was hearing the voices as well. the problem was how to ask while not looking like a complete loon. Then before he could ponder up some convincing words his ally grabbed his arm.

Without really thinking, Emma took hold of Crow’s wrist and rushed forward to reach the tower. “Don’t think. Just run. We can figure out who our helping hand is later!” She told him in a rush and pulled him along over some rubble. Considering what he’d been through, she figured he would appreciate a little help, but wasn’t going to baby him.

This Crow seemed very self-sufficient, just like herself.

Once inside the tower with Crow, she slammed the door shut and began to find anything she could to barricade it. “We need to keep them from getting inside!” She hissed through her teeth beneath the gas mask.

Crow was greatly relieved that he was not crazy and hearing voices in his head. It was indeed comforting that his new ally helped him escape the monsters and proved she heard the voice as well. The big question now was who owned the voice they heard and what were intentions? He pondered various ways to ask the voice for some answers and then looked at his new ally as he asked, "So any ideas on how we confirm if that voice has our best interest in mind or are they looking to kill and loot us?" Crow scratched his head as he lifted his black hat. Then he ran his fingers through his hair to fix it and put his hat back on.


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