Stranger In A Strange Land

Location: Nowhere, Texas

A figure in black is sneaking around a military base. He hides in the shadows as he watches the military escorting several trespassers who got caught trying to score some loot in a Forbidden Zone. Normally they would have been executed for their crimes, but since there was a labor shortage they were being flown to work as free labor till they served their time as criminals. Sadly it was all a lie since no one ever got set free from that place. However Crow had a few allies he was not ready to see dead anytime soon so he used the cover of night to sneak into the cargo section as leader of the troops gave a grand speech to the prisoners on proper behavior as prisoners. After Crow was hidden in the transport plane the troops led the prisoners onto the transport plane while in shackles that connected their hands, neck and feet via a strong chain.

The plane's engines started up and it was not long till it was guided to the air strip and picked up speed till it was flying in the air. The loud hum of the engines drowned out a lot of conversations and Crow was finally able to relax for a bit as he closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep. His mind wandered to his past as it flashed before his eyes.

Max Crowley aka Crow was born on the desert of Nowhere, Texas raised in a trespasser community. He was found on the door steps of an orphanage and raised there. Growing up he never had to worry about the government's influence on the zones, in fact he didn't even encounter the Response Government until he himself was brought into Zone Athelstan by his orphanage manager. Max hated being poor and developed a habit of collecting shiny things which earned him the nick name "Crow". He learned mechanics and tinkering growing up for spare change. He continued to travel to zones in search of their secrets and treasures till his team was caught and he escaped.

Suddenly Crow is rudely woken up as the plane is bouncing a lot. He grunted as he hit the back of his head on the metal frame of the plane. He still managed to hold in his mouth and thoughts as he did his best to not get hit again while being jostled about. For a moment he was floating in the air like the gravity was turned off. The feeling was very mysterious as he was very confused. He got scared from the experience and grabbed onto the frame of the plane's cargo section. Then the next moment was hard to explain as he felt like he was in a crashing vehicle. Crow bounded all around the cargo section as he was hit by some supply boxes. Then everything went black.

Crow had no idea how long he was asleep, but he felt like crap as he sat up in pain. He felt sore all over as he recalled being bounced around the cargo section like a rubber ball. It took a bit of time but he managed to crawl out of the cargo section and look around. The view was odd as he it took a moment for him to get his bearings. He quickly realized the plane he was in crashed and the "tail" section he was in was broken off from the rest of the plane. Seeing as he had no clue where he was or who had survived the crash he took a deep breath and decided he would need to gather some supplies before he could explore for any survivors.

Tag (If anyone wants to be on the plane and survive feel free to jump in.)

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