Lily's awards

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Star Wars: Alliance Community Award

Game: Star Wars: Alliance

Awarded: Nov 4, 2020

For: For being an early member and active contributor to Star Wars: Alliance


DDnD Milestone

Game: Dungeons Deep & Dark

Awarded: Aug 2, 2020

For: For staying with the game through all the changes 07 2020.


Dog Run

Game: Jericho

Awarded: Mar 28, 2020

For: Completed the Hunt for The Wendigo


The First Hero

Game: DC: War for Tomorrow

Awarded: Jan 2, 2020

For: For joining the game when it was first made and sticking with it, through thick and thin.


Persistence and Perseverance

Game: OW Community Platform

Awarded: Jul 5, 2019

For: You have always been there to support so many games over the years, even after the hard experiences.


Ragnarok Year One

Game: Beyond the Ragnarok

Awarded: Feb 19, 2019

For: For support of this game over its first year


Hero of Midgard

Game: Beyond the Ragnarok

Awarded: Apr 30, 2018

For: For supporting the game through thick and thin from day one.