Nim's awards

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Persistence and Perseverance

Game: Engines of Chaos

Awarded: Jul 6, 2019

For: For all your hard work creating and running Engines of Chaos and Engines of Chaos Redux. Thank you!


Squiddie 2019 Winner

Game: OW Community Platform

Awarded: Jun 30, 2019

For: For being a mod of this very OWCP!


Tournament of Simulations 2018

Game: OW Community Platform

Awarded: Apr 7, 2019

For: Maelstrom CoCreator and Moderator


OWCH (OngoingWorlds Community Honor)

Awarded: Feb 18, 2019

For: For creating OW Community Platform


Beast of the Forge

Game: Story Forge: Reforged!

Awarded: Sep 27, 2018

For: For an epic addition to Round 5 in the belly of the beast


Maelstrom Founder

Game: Maelstrom

Awarded: Apr 1, 2018

For: Founding Member of the Maelstrom Game


Best Mod Ever

Game: Two kingdoms

Awarded: Jan 20, 2018

For: For your invaluable help and support. The game would never have made it without you. Thank you!