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What a SciWorld!

A SciWorld for the ages! Where do I even begin? With some of the most diverse topics & panels I’ve ever seen, great ideas & comments from the audience, and a trivia event that felt more like a shark feeding frenzy, this SciWorld had it all. I haven’t even mentioned the hilarious opening ceremony video yet; thank you Charles and the team for that. If you missed SciWorld, we look forwarding to seeing you at FallFest, which will happen sometime later this year. Both events will be held in this discord server moving forward.

Now that TNU Project‘s SimmingHub has officially assumed the management & administration of SciWorld & FallFest with the completion of our first convention, I would like to personally thank Ongoing Worlds and Charles Star for sponsoring the last three SciWorlds and all 10 FallFests. Your service to the community is much appreciated and we hope to live up to the ideals you championed. On behalf of the Ongoing Worlds Board of Advisors and the SimmingHub Organizing Committee it is also an honor of mine to bestow some awards to members of the community, without whom this event would not have been possible.

Aurther Winters is awarded the OWCH

Aurther Winters of Independence Fleet is hereby awarded the Ongoing Worlds Community Honor (OWCH) for service as chair of the 2021 SciWorld Online Convention.  This year’s SciWorld was a complete success in all facets: attendance, content, and energy.  Thanks to Aurther’s superior leadership and organizational talents, his club and the entire community came together to create a once-in-a-lifetime event that SciWorld participants will remember for years to come.  He put together a top-notch schedule and ensured a smooth second-to-none festival from start to finish.  On behalf of the Ongoing Worlds Board of Advisors, SimmingHub Organizing Committee and role players across the net, thank you, Aurther, for a job well done!

Marie T is also awarded the OWCH

Marie T is also awarded the Ongoing Worlds Community Honor (OWCH) for service in support of the 2021 SciWorld Online Convention. Anyone who attended knows that Marie played an integral role in making SciWorld XIX the unique success that it was. Her creative drive and organizational skills were invaluable. In addition, her efforts significantly aided in transition of FallFest and SciWorld management from Ongoing Worlds to TNU Project. Thank you and well done, Marie.

Past SciWorlds & FallFests

SciWorld Online Convention

IMar 18-22, 1999Simming LeagueSimming LeagueEnder Maki, Tashak & Chas Hammer
IIMar 23-27, 2000Simming LeagueSimming LeagueChas Hammer
IIIMar 15-18, 2001Simming LeagueSimming LeagueRobin Knight
IVunknown (2002)Simming LeagueSimming Leagueunknown
VMar 29-31, 2006Simming LeagueDiaspora Games & Federation Sim FleetChas Hammer
VIApr 3-5, 2007Simming LeagueDiaspora Games & Federation Sim FleetChas Hammer
VIIApr 29-May 1, 2008Simming LeagueDiaspora Games & Federation Sim FleetChas Hammer
VIIIMay 19-21, 2009Simming LeagueDiaspora Games & Federation Sim FleetChas Hammer
IXApr 14-16, 2011Simming LeagueIndependence FleetCharles Star
XMay 10-12, 2012Ongoing WorldsDark MystChas Hammer
XIMay 1-3, 2013SimEncIndependence FleetLandon Wakeland
XIIMay 1-3, 2014Roleplay WikiN/AYatalu Ytela
XIIIApr 23-25, 2015Roleplay WikiN/AYatalu Ytela
XIVJun 23-24, 2016Roleplay WikiN/AZania Ja’arda
XVJun 30, 2017Roleplay WikiN/AChas Hammer & Lindsay Bayes
XVIJul 28, 2018Ongoing WorldsBravo Fleet & Star ArmyAlexander & Wes Davis
XVIIMay 18, 2019Ongoing WorldsRoleplay Wiki, Theta Fleet &TNU ProjectAkoomi, Kathryn Burke & Joshua Hina
XVIIIApr 18, 2020Ongoing WorldsTNU ProjectJoshua Hina
XIXJun 12, 2021TNU ProjectIndependence FleetAurther Winters
XXTBD 2022SimmingHubTBDTBD

Simming Fall Festival

IOct 28, 2011Simming LeagueIndependence FleetCharles Star
IISep 21, 2012Ongoing WorldsUSS AsimovJonathan Swift
IIIOct 11, 2013Ongoing WorldsUFOP: StarBase 118Diego Herrera
IVNov 22, 2014Ongoing WorldsPhoenix RoleplayingMisty Taylor
VDec 5, 2015Ongoing WorldsUFOP: StarBase 118James Drysdale
VINov 12, 2016Ongoing WorldsObsidian FleetMyrkul Sharr
VIIDec 9, 2017Ongoing WorldsBravo FleetZachary O’Connell
VIIIDec 15, 2018Ongoing WorldsTNU ProjectJosh Hina
IXNov 9, 2019Ongoing Worlds22nd FleetAndrew Greenfelt
XNov 15, 2020Ongoing WorldsPegasus Fleet & Independence Fleet AlexM & Ken Gillis
XITBD 2021SimmingHubTBDTBD