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Ongoing Inspiration #OngoingInspiration


I want you think back, think way back if it’s that far. Go back to the time you joined Ongoing Worlds. Was it like stepping out of the safety of the car onto the school grounds for your first day? Was it like walking into a new job? Or was it like finding your new home, somewhere with great people, somewhere to make new memories, somewhere you would not forget.

Ongoing Worlds see’s a lot of new members every month. Whether they are new to roleplaying or not, they might need a little help or boost. I’m putting together a short movie for new members called “Ongoing Inspiration.” The movie will contain highlights of OW as well quotes from members and past experiences. If you want to submit a quote, piece of inspiration, advice, what OW means to you, or past experiences from OW, use the form below. If you want to quote something from a character in one of your games that is ok too! When adding a character quote MAKE SURE IT IS YOUR CHARACTER. When submitting a quote please make sure it is original, no plagiarizing.