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Aeterna Roma: Roleplaying in the Roman era

Aeterna RomaThere are many different worlds you can use as a setting for your roleplaying game (I’ve even listed a few ideas here), and here’s a game that’s set in the Roman era. Here’s an explanation of a forum-based roleplaying game Aeterna Roma by its co-founder, Gothy. Read More


What's your RP doing for Christmas?


Christmas tree

I’m writing this on Christmas eve, eagerly awaiting a fantastic Christmas day tomorrow with my family. This month I’ve been wondering if December is a good time for roleplaying, as many people will be travelling to spend time with their parents over the holidays and might not have much time for roleplaying – but at the same time many people will have days off work so might have even more time than usual to spend writing and roleplaying.

I’ve been asking some other roleplayers what December is like in their own games. Read More


Interview with Tristan Wolf from Starbase 118

We wrote an article about UFOP: Starbase 118 back in October (you can see it here). I was able to recently ask some questions to the group’s founder Tristan Wolf. Here’s the interview: Read More


Interview with Elena Vasilescu, from Before the Mast RPG

Before the Mast posterLast week I interviewed Elena Vasilescu from Before the Mast RPG, with a few questions left over, I wanted to ask how the game came about, and how someone from Romania who speaks French and Spanish, and with players across the world ended up creating a roleplaying game written primarily in English.

Before the Mast has been running since the 6th of August 2010, and has been very active using social media, especially on Twitter and Facebook. I interviewed their moderator Elena Vasilescu and asked her about the game. Read More


Before the Mast, roleplaying in the Age of Sail [Interview]

Before the Mast sailing ships

Before the Mast is a forum-based roleplaying game set in the ‘age of sail’, a term I’ve only recently learned – I’ve previously just called it “pirate times”, but it’s clear there’s a lot going on at this time in history, which is where Before the Mast RPG comes in. Fixing itself firmly in history, this is a roleplaying game (or “writing community” as Elena prefers) for history fans.

The game has been running since the 6th of August 2010, and Before the Mast has been very active especially on Twitter and Facebook. I interviewed their moderator Elena Vasilescu and asked her about the game. Read More


USS Providence, a chat-based sim

USS ProvidenceContinuing our theme of Star Trek sims (we’ll stop and cover a different genre soon, I promise!) here’s an interview with Josh from USS Providence, part of the FSF (Federation Sim Fleet). Fleets seem very popular with Star Trek sims, it’s easy to unite games when they stare the same theme and same universe. Like I’ve already mentioned in the article about Star Trek Freedom, the sense of community in fleets can make it a great experience, which is probably why many Star Trek sims seem to have existed for a very long time.

The USS Providence sim began February 22nd, 2003. It has run continuously since then. I chatted with Josh Hrach, who is the GM for the USS Providence. Read More


Starbase 118 – serious Star Trek simming

Federation Starbase

Star Trek is one of the most popular genres of play-by-post games, some having been played way back since the 80’s when PBEM games really started. If you want to roleplay in the same universe as Captain Kirk, and Captain Picard, you’ve got plenty of choice of games to join. Many of these Star Trek games have organised themselves together over the last few decades into fleets, allowing many games to be run in parallel sharing the same resources, members and sometimes sharing the same stories.

One of these fleets is UFOP: Starbase 118, which is a fleet of 7 games, each game set aboard a different starship or starbase, and one set on a planet.

I interviewed Miles Unum from Starbase 118, asking him about the fleet. Read More


Will you be looking forward to the “Day of Fudge”?

Lovely fudge

I don't mean this type of fudge...

Every year the first Saturday of June is the “Day of Fudge” where fans of the Fudge RPG system are encouraged to run Fudge game events out in public. This year it will be held on June the 4th.

What is Fudge?

Good question. Fudge is a tabletop roleplaying game, this blog doesn’t usually focus on tabletop roleplaying, we usually talk about Play-by-post games (or some people call them PBEMs or sims). In play-by-post games we prefer to concentrate on the story and our characters, rather than worrying about levelling up our characters XP, or rolling dice. So you might wonder why we’re talking about Fudge here?

Read More


Multiverse IRC Roleplaying event – 13th May

Multiverse image

Six months ago I wrote an article about the last Multiverse roleplaying event. The event happens every six months, and the next event will be Friday May 13th – Sunday May 15th 2011.

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What to do when your Facebook roleplaying account is deleted

Facebook logo in a coffinFacebook can decide whether your roleplaying character lives or dies.

Facebook doesn’t like roleplayers, and if it sees that you have a separate account that you use for roleplaying, your account might be deleted. I’ve written about the reasons why in this post. One of the roleplayers I heard about being deleted was Fleet Admiral Michael Knight, roleplaying as a Star Trek character. He had to recreate his profile.

Michael Knight on FacebookI made up a new e-mail address and then a new profile. Luckily i am friends with a few RP people in RL so they re added me and told other people to add me. was quite easy really. but was a pain in the butt having to make up a new profile.
FltAdm Michael Knight on Facebook

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