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Summary: A naive and gullible blue Alien who is quite enthusiastic about life

Efof Yuwan'Kar

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Gender: Male

Age: 28

Group: Navigation Dept & Pilots




Navigation Officer, Pilot and part-time barman

Physical Appearance

Approx. 5'11, light build, dusky brown unkempt hair, Efof is a Ffionian, an Alien race with bluish skin, four arms and have their nose where their genitalia should be... so their genitals are on their foreheads.

Efof usually covers up his for common decency's sake with a wooly hat.

Personality and Interests

Efof loves his new life living amongst humans, there is always something he wants to know more about and has an almost childlike curiosity about this strange race.

Although he can be very naïve about Earth customs, he loves everything about the humans, and is known to over indulge slightly. Well, a lot actually. In his past life on Ffion Efof hadn't access to anything like it, and so every seedy, cheap, gluttonous, unhealthy, sadistic, voyeuristic, tacky, perverted habit that humanity has ever invented is for him a fascinating experience to be enjoyed to the full, and then some.


Efof was born on Ffion, a paradise planet where war, crime, suffering and disease were things of a bygone age.

Efof lived a happy life as the son of a professional meal-eater. Basically because the farms of Ffion produced more than enough food for everyone, something had to be done with the excess. Efof's father's job was to eat the excess and turn it into valuable fertiliser.

Efof was going to be enrolled in the family business, but then he ran into this weird woman who suggested he join the space agency. When Efof discovered what space actually was, he almost immediately rejected her. Life on Ffion was good, everybody had enjoyable jobs where they fulfilled their full potential intellectually and physically. Everything was perfectly balanced. Ffion didn't need religion because no afterlife could possibly be any better than this one and by the time people died they'd already done pretty much everything they ever wanted to do. If, as this woman suggested, they Ffion contacted alien life, they'd probably only spoil everything.

However something about the job appealed to him. Boredom was a new experience, and had a sort of novelty value to it. Eventually Efof joined the mission and worked on Ffion's only orbital space station. However he never got to truly appreciate boredom because about a week late a fleet of alien space ships came and obliterated his entire planet. In a desperate attempt to escape Efof clambered into a stasis booth, which froze him instantly.

600 years later he was woken by the crew of Blue Dwarf and introduced to concepts such as sugar, hard core porn, TV violence, smoking and loud unpleasant sounding music. He loved every bit of it and joined the crew without hesitation, becoming a pilot.

After the 3 million years in stasis, Efof was awoken a year before everyone else and made friends with some fish people called Aquanauts.

After visiting the planet "Fernandos", Efof met an alien Ssala called "Weebaradlibanongadingdong" and fell in love. When the crew returned to the Blue Dwarf he agreed to remain on the planet.

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Image of Efof Yuwan'Kar
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