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Summary: A bubbly, fashion-conscious Queen of England who likes her drink

Queen Brittany

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Gender: Female

Age: 21

Group: Civillians & Other




Commander in Chief of the STCP

Physical Appearance

Petite girl, very attractive and she knows it. Always dresses in slutty, revealing clothes and looks generally very un-queenlike.

Personality and Interests

Being the Queen of Enlgand, Brittany has many duties to her state and court. She hates all of these duties however and acts like a spoilt teenager. She enjoys travelling to New Ibiza for nights out, and has so far dated every important General, Admiral, Captain or politician in the Space Corps.

The Queen has a very curious interest with space exploration, especially the Blue Dwarf. Her Ambassador aboard Blue Dwarf is Seymour Niples, whom she makes give her general reports about the ship's goings on and progress.


Crowned when she was very young, Queen Brittany has always had whatever she wants. She grew up to be spoilt and demanding.

However, the Royal family's popularity declined and Buckingham palace was relocated to Newcastle. In 2101 when the Blue Dwarf crew visited Earth, Queen Brittany decided she was bored with life as a Queen and dissapeared with Efof, leaving Seymour Niples as King. Seymour found the job too hard and found the Queen in New Ibiza having fun. Most of New Ibiza was trashed by some ancient frozen Hymenoptera that had been frozen in a glacier, but Seymour pursuaded Brittany to become Queen again as long as he provided her with a portable wormhole generator to transport her back to forward to New Ibiza whenever she wanted.

Queen Brittany regained her popularity by posing for nude photos in FHM and various other glamour magazines.

In 2109 she also became the Queen of Mollopod, who joined the Commonwealth of Nations. Brittany moved to the Mollopod's home planet and an alliance was formed between Mollopod and Earth which lasted until July 2110 when Justin Pancake was coerced into shooting Brittany to save his own girlfriend who was being held hostage. Justin was forced to sheet Britanny by a Mollopod named Blub who wanted the alliance to fail, and Mollopods to go back to eating Humans.

Brittany was transported back to the Blue Dwarf for medical attention by Lawrence "Shakespeare" Trisees, and Nurse Coffey. A bomb had been planted in the Blue Midget they were travelling in, and it exploded after takeoff, killing all three onboard. This was the end of Queen Brittany, and Humans and Mollopods alike blamed each other for her death and the alliance was ended

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